Cotton Candy Kisses

That is something I really miss, cotton candy kisses we used to get in jr. high. I miss the innocence of the first day and being felt up and down for the first time. I miss kissing so much as it is a recreation I absolutely adore, I could kiss for hours because it is just one of those things that I enjoy.

There are fantastic kissers and terrible kissers, and my husband was a terrible kisser unfortunately. I have been told by a lot of guy that I am a great kisser, no shit it’s the truth and I’m not just saying that to make myself feel good. Kissing is hot and exciting, the act of kissing brings out the romance in a relationship.

I wish to be kissing his lips gently right at this moment, his lips are framed by his goatee and his green eye are mesmerizing. I wish to have my hands on his chest and feel his heart beat. Does his heart beat for me or for another? Will I ever know for sure or always be kept in the dark?