So Quickly

I just put my profile up on several sites this afternoon and I already have several fish on the hook! I honestly didn’t expect to get responses this quickly but it’s fun. I don’t find myself to attractive but I am sexy and sensual and that I am sure of, even if you think otherwise.

You have to have confidence in yourself and feel good about yourself no matter what your body size is. My beauty is inside and I am a beautiful person and so are you. I will not let anyone tear me down and make me feel less than I am. I have had to fight my way the last six years and I’m pretty stable finally.

I really need a distraction and I really do not want to hear his voice, just do me and go-sometimes it’s best that way but men, they always want to hang around. They don’t get the hint you just want to fuck them and push them out the door. That’s exactly how I feel about men at this point in my life.

Satisfy me and go because I am so sick of the insecure, have to control relationship types and I do not have the time to waste with their blubbering and wailing like a child when I tell them goodbye. I cannot see myself in a long term relationship for someone, quite sometime to be exact.

I’m sick of talking to stupid men and men trying to rip me off. I had one guy write me a quote to lay some carpeting, this asswipe wants $17.00 an hr but didn’t put how many hours it was going to take him. Daaahhhhh, like I’m a stupid cunt right? This shit pisses me off because it insults my intelligence.