The Draw

We tend to be attracted to people who grab our eye but then as we get to know the person it doesn’t matter how attractive they are if their personality doesn’t at something to them as a person. A person could be physically very attractive but if they have an annoying voice, monopolize every conversation, talk constantly about themselves and are a me me me first person then their outer beauty means nothing.

I met a very nice gentleman yesterday for dinner and he wasn’t unattractive but not attractive to me but I thought I would give him a chance because he did seem so nice. Well, he was someone who talked endlessly about himself, his investments and so on and it got to be really boring for me. He wasn’t interested too much in me and ask me very few questions and continually cut me off in  mid sentence.

I was so glad when the evening was over I couldn’t get away from him fast enough and I even had a hard time excusing myself to go to the ladies room. I didn’t have to pee but just needed a break from his non stop jabbering. I’m an easy person to talk to and I ask questions and listen and I do not take control of the conversation and I encourage the person to open up to me at least as much as they feel comfortable with.

Some people just need to be the center of attention constantly and they need to talk about themselves endlessly and I think it’s because it’s the only way they can build themselves up. The gentleman I was with last night was upset at the end of the night when he asked me out for Saturday and I told him that I thought he was a nice guy but I didn’t feel any chemistry with him, I didn’t want to hurt his feelings but I wasn’t going out with him again.

He told me he didn’t understand why I wasn’t attracted to him and that he felt that he was “perfect” for me, lol. It’s hard to end a night with someone who you do not want to see again but if you don’t then you are leading them on and that isn’t right. He told me he thought I was gorgeous and that he could be the perfect one for me to make my life so much happier and so I let him believe whatever he so chose to and I ended the night as graciously as I could, no kiss, no hug not even a hand shake.

No Man Catch

Women use some shady tactics to “catch a man” but the things they should be doing they seem to forget are important. Men do not like to be tricked or manipulated anymore than a woman. Men do not find the helpless, innocent, ignorant female to be attractive no matter how pretty they may be.

Men like women that are confident, independent, senual, romantic and of course sexual. Men do not like the women that chase them and they do not like women to hang on them. Men like an intelligent woman, a woman of substance, someone who is interested in them not who or what they have.

Men love to give a woman presents but the woman who accepts every gift is a damn fool. Gifts are nice but if you do not limit the ones you accept then you are losing part of yourself. I do not want a man to think I live for his presents because I am not like that and presents should only be given on special occasions.

I like to keep communication always open because as parents, we have a responsibility to our loved ones and to ourselves and letting each other know what is going on in our lives singularly as well as collectively keeps us on the same path. A relationship that is healthy is very important to me and this man makes me happy.

I want to see him healthy and happy and I want us to always be best friends first, lovers and a couple that respect each other enough to have trust, faith and love. I have no doubt with open lines of communication we will build a foundation for our relationship that is unmovable.

Ooh Threats

I have some hacker that is on topface acting like he is from another country. The funny thing is he has a Minnesota ip address. What a jerk, wants me to get naked and masturbate online with him, like that is going to happen. He says he is going to trash my profile like I really do not care.

He has a serious problem if he thinks threatening me is going to get him anywhere because it won’t. Men are so stupid sometimes and this is a perfect example.  Men that try to use sex to control a woman has picked the wrong woman because I do not have a sense of humor when it comes to this.

This jerk either can’t get a woman his age or he thinks older women want him, lol. He said he was going to crack all of my passwords, ok have at it. Some people have serious control issues and I think he has one and is probably short as well. Why does this have to be so difficult?

Maybe I will just focus on “C” which I am but these guys on these dating sites give me free entertainment as they make an ass out of themselves. Maybe other women have cam sex with strangers but not me, I save that shit for someone special and I have yet to meet that individual.

No, No, Nope

I joined a few dating sites and going through all those pics is so boring and time-consuming. One site you rate people and I just keep hitting 1 for a rating because none of them attract me. I am very picky and not just any man can turn my head and I don’t care how attractive he is if he has no personality, he has nothing.

As you know I like long hair on a man and the man I have cared for, for years cut his hair to “fit it” to what his employers wanted. It is sad that a person has to change for a job and I do hope he never changes for a woman, which I highly doubt he ever would. He is shy but he is a flirt and loves women and sex more than the average man.

His actions do not intimidate me because I also know he is one that is true to his heart and I so hope he is with a woman that makes him happy, really happy but I think not. If he doesn’t slow down and get some rest he won’t have to worry about his love life because he won’t be having a life at all.

It’s time for him to get some serious tlc in his life and because I care for him as a person and a friend, I want the best for him. It is a shame we will never meet because I think we would have so much fun and a great time and that is what he needs. He would never have to worry about me asking him for anything because it wouldn’t happen.

I think he is to afraid of me to meet me because I could woop his ass and I think he knows it, lol. All I can say is I am the type of person once you meet me you never forget me. You either hate me or like and most like me, except for women of course because I threaten them.

I am glad we haven’t met because he couldn’t handle having that much fun without spending a small fortune. My luck he would fall in love with me and I do not want that, men fall for me so damn easy and I am not bragging, it just happens. I make people feel good about themselves and that happens so rarely.

People never compliment each other anymore and women, well hell women just don’t do it, but I do compliment women. A pretty woman is rare to see and if I like their hair, makeup or clothes I let them know. I will also tell you that you look like shit if you ask me and you do. Sometimes, you do not have to ask-like that ugly ass green flourescent tie with the blue shirt, can you  say UGLY?

Don’t Believe

How do we let ourselves fall in love with someone we have never met and all the conversations are either on computer or phone. Why would someone scam me and then keep following me even though they get no more money from me?

It’s been like four years and he reads every post and contacts me on my fb under so many different names. He knows I know who he really is so why isn’t he smart and just move on? He has never had a single plan of meeting me so what gives?

He has never had a real relationship in his life I do not think he is capable of one even though he was married. I sure would like to talk to that milk man because not a single one of his kids look like him and his profession kept him on the road a lot.

I think he feels safe with me and he has come to rely on me to be there for him when he is bored and lonely, which is every day. If he loved me you would think he would want to make me happy by leaving my life but he is selfish and thinks only of himself.

I also think because of who he is people kiss his ass and blow smoke up it as well. I tell it like it is and I do not think he is used to a confident, self assured (most of the time) independent female that doesn’t want him.

It really is sad to have it all financially yet you do not know who is real in your life or who is using you and how many women are with you because of your name. I think living life that way is worse than any heart break.

He lost me and doesn’t care and neither do I because I have finally met a real man who cares for me and treats me fantastic. We still have the no presents issue that he keeps ignoring and I keep putting the gifts back in his car.

A real woman doesn’t need presents or fancy evenings, a real woman enjoys snuggling by the fireplace and just enjoying his company, but how many real woman are out there? Men love a confidant woman especially one that won’t take their crap and I am not taking any of his.

The Failure Dater

I have dubbed myself the failure dater because I am sadly failing at something that should be so easy to master. Dating requires being so many different things and tolerant is one of them. I have very little tolerance for bullshit and I have no tolerance for anyone that has a problem with my kids.

This is exactly why letting my kids meet anyone I may be dating is something that I do not entertain. I have got to have some sort of solid relationship with the guy before he meets my kids. A man who has problems with my kids can damn well bet he is going to have problems with me slamming the door in his face.

There is no man worth disrupting my family for and I do know that if I am happy my kids will be happy for me. That doesn’t mean that you get to come to dinner anytime soon, so live with it or don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya. Don’t think you can undo stupid remarks either because you can’t.

I see to many women go for a man and throw their kids to the wayside and that pisses me off. No woman should be so desperate for a man who their kids come second and same with men raising their kids. Have enough respect for your children as well as yourself not to disrupt what you have spent a lifetime building.

I’m sitting here watching some stupid crap my son likes to watch and my daughter is already in bed. It’s nice to have both kids at home and it is comforting for me. I know they are both safe and it feels right as this is my family, just the three of us but we have more love than you could ever imagine.

Lack Of Understanding

I am trying out this thing called dating since my husband passed away last year. I am finding it not all that it is cracked up to be and I am finding that I like my own company more than anyone elses. The guy I have started to date is really fantastic and any woman would be glad to go out with him.

He is too much too soon for me though and I don’t know how many times I have to tell him. He is pushing me away by stifling me and I am wondering if it is just me or is it him. I feel like the world is spinning to fast and I am missing so much, I like him but have you ever had someone else that occupies your mind?

I think I just can’t get “him” out of my mind no matter how hard I have tried, I know he is my soulmate but time hasn’t made a meeting prevalent yet. I do not know why he won’t come to me but I can’t get him out of my mind and heart and it pisses me off.

I need to see other men because I want to be so sure he is the one I want to be with and it appears no matter what I do he will always be in my life. We belong together and that is just the way it is meant to be and neither of us can continue to ignore what is before us, it’s  called being “in love”.

The Lacking

I can honestly say I have not dated a lot, never did in high school, after high school or in my thirties and forties. I am just not into dating I guess, or maybe it’s because when I commit I commit and stay in relationships a very long time.

I have gone for years without dating anyone and found it to be the best time of my life. I didn’t have to put up with anyone else’s crap. Single isn’t a bad place to be it’s a place that allows us to grow at our own pace.

I like being in a relationship when there is understanding but most do not take the time to understand me. I am unique in so many ways, so I am told but I will not change for anyone, why should I? I know how to act appropriately but choose not to.

I do not dress to impress or act to impress anyone as that is not me. I am not going to put on airs to impress anyone because there is nothing to be gained by being fake or a phony. You may have Louis Vuitton luggage and I may have JC Penny luggage but guess what? We both still have baggage and that will never change.


The Stretch

All of us want someone special in our lives and I have taken the stretch and joined a dating site that finds the “perfect one” for me. I am tired of being alone and having no one to share special moments with, someone to play with and someone to be romantic and sensual with.

I have waited for over three years to meet this special person that has been in my life and I have accepted that we will never meet no matter what he says. He likes to read erotic stories and he likes porn and pics of naked women, which I am sure he is getting quite a few pics.

Waiting for something that will never happen is wasting my life as we will never be together so I am trying to find someone who will fill the void in my life. I hope it happens soon because winter is so cold without someone to warm you up. It will be fun to play in the snow and be silly.

It’s sad when someone leads you on for their own private pleasure without thinking about you. I feel that I am nothing more than mild amusement to ease his boring life. He knows how I am and the type of person I am and that isn’t good enough for him so I am going to roll on down the road and let others find the one for me.

I am a unique person in many ways and I am old school 100%, I believe in cooking at home and taking care of my man, I like to make people smile and help people, I am a giver not a taker and I love animals. I am intelligent and do not want someone to support me, I just want someone to enjoy life with.

Long Distance

Long distant relationships take special people to make it work, that’s basically the only type of relationship I would feel comfortable with. I really don’t want someone coming over all the time as I have my son and this is our home and I am a very private person.

Being with someone 2-3 times a month would work for me just fine as long as we had other forms of communication. Sometimes, when you are just getting back into the dating scene, a long-term relationship works fine and for me it would be perfect. I cannot go anywhere until my son graduates and I will not uproot him.

I don’t think I would want to see anyone more than several times a month at this point in my life. I want to get to know someone slowly and that would be the best way for me. Long distant relationships show the real person in many ways, how they deal with anticipation, frustration, anger, resentment all these emotions come out over time.

I do not want to get married but would if it would help my husband out, I would do what I had to help him out with what little I have to offer. Sometimes people have long distant relationships because they are convenient for them or they fulfill the needs and sometimes they happen because there is no way the relationship could work any other way at that time.

If your love can withstand a long distant relationship and all the restraints on it, then you know you have something special, something long-lasting and something that will last a lifetime. I want a lifetime with someone, the man of my dreams, the man who holds my heart but I doubt it will ever happen and that hurts.