Up & Give

Our biggest obstacle in life is ourselves and the lack of self-esteem. We do not think we can accomplish our goals and the we have those that smash our dreams. You can be anything or do anything you wish to as long as you believe and believing is the hardest part. All we need is faith in ourselves and others.


We had a very difficult time teaching my husband to walk with his prosthetic but he did it. He not only walked he could run and it was wonderful to see him walk and run like he used to. The loss of his leg destroyed a part of him and I could never even to begin to understand his pain but I tried.

When you feel like a failure and you feel like you cannot accomplish your goal, look back on this post and say out loud I CAN DO IT, I WILL DO IT.

Happily Ever

Do you believe in happily ever after? Do you believe there is someone special out there just for you? Would you wait years for this person? Do you  believe in magic?Do you believe in angels?

Well, the foolish woman who I am does believe and I do not feel one bit foolish for believing. All we have in this world is hope and dreams and when you give those up you have given away your life. Everyone will have their hopes and dreams met eventually but they will not be on a grand scale.

Most will find a simple life filled with love they never knew they could have and their lives will overflow with happiness. Am I waiting for someone who will never appear? Will I end up with a shattered heart? I need answers to these questions because if there is never going to be an us, I want to get through the pain now, so please step up and tell me, please?