Cut Losses

When you love someone, really love them and you feel like they are your soul mate, no you know they are your soul mate but they don’t seem to think so when do you cut your losses and move on?

Do you wait for them to come to you or do you walk and not look back? How do you know when it is time to say so long? How does your heart learn to let go and open up for someone else?

I am so lost and confused when it comes to this part of my life that my head is spinning. He is with another woman I am sure and I feel like a complete idiot hanging on to thin air. So how do I make that final decision to wait or to go?

He reads my blogs practically the second I post and I do not understand why. Is he so conceited he must know what I write, hoping I am writing something juicy about us or him? Does he really want to be with me but is being held back for some unknown reason?

He won’t be here for my birthday, which will be of no surprise to me as he never comes to me even though he knows how hard I fight to make it through each day. I am beginning to think I should have cut my losses and ran a long time ago.