Education Station

Well, my son managed to get himself suspended from school last Friday. I have been trying to get him registered in a high school down the street for troubled kids. There are pregnant teens, teens with babies, drug and theft issues and you name it.

The high school has daycare and special counseling for these kids. Ryan will hopefully fit in and I am sure he will. I also think he will be very helpful to the girls because he loves kids and is so good with them.

I am so hoping he gets a girlfriend and I think this school is the perfect “catching” ground for him. He hates school and I can’t blame him because he gets so bored because he is to smart, like his grandfather was.

Both of my kids are very smart and Shelby will probably be valedictorian or valedictorian. Ryan excels at the classes he likes and he hates religion and going to mass. He wants me to take him to school so he can get his things from his locker.

I think he wants me to take him so he can tell the principal to fuck off. The principal will get pissed and look at me for parental take over but all I would be able to do is look at him and tell him I agree with Ryan.

Sometimes, you have to take your kids side when you feel the same way and not be a hypocrite and do one thing and say another. I think I will take him so he has something to brag about to the new kids he is to meet.

I am so thrilled these kids have someone to talk to, in fact numerous people to talk to and as soon as my son gets a gf, it’s condom shopping straight away.

I hope he knows how to use them because I am not showing him, well maybe I guess I can get out a banana but then I would embarrass the shit out of him. I am sure he knows how to use one, I think-hell I don’t know.


Of Others

All of us go through a “me” phase, a phase where life is all about us and no one else. We do not think of anyone but ourselves and what makes us happy. We may be poor or rich and can buy the world for ourselves and we usually do, wealthy people always want the best and get used to it and will not settle for less.

We tend to put ourselves and our desires first before anyone else, it’s not being selfish or greedy it’s part of growing as a person. After a while we get tired of “loving ourselves” and find that we want to love someone else for a change, we want to make someone else happy, and we want to share our lives with someone.

When you meet someone and the chemistry is right, we end up in a relationship that grows by leaps and bounds. If the relationship isn’t working out right it will show itself as well. It will be the big things that don’t fit well with your big things and the little things, well the little things have no time to show themselves.

I sit home every weekend doing nothing and meeting no one but that is going to change after Monday. I haven’t wanted to get involved with anyone until the crap I have to deal with on Monday is over with and I know I am free to do as I please. Then in December everything will be cleared up.

If you don’t see any posts for a while from me you know Monday wasn’t kind to me and I’m doing my time but I do not see that happening. I do believe everything will work itself out as it always does and I have no control over it and just accept what is headed my way.


Words are wonderful tools and without them we would have no communication with one another, which now that I think of it that isn’t a bad idea in many cases. Most people have no interest in words or their meaning and they find no interest in reading what so ever.

I adore words and their meanings and I really adore reading and learning new words. I have a very difficult time meeting people of interest because the lack of wanting to expand the mind is not part of their make-up. I find no interest in listening to people talk endlessly about their work.

I am not stuck up or think I am better than others but I do get so bored with people as they have nothing to say or what they say is so damn repetitive and boring. I love reading and writing and I have a hard time meeting anyone with those interests.

Most people cannot express themselves through the written word and writing is a talent that most do not have. I am not saying I am a fantastic writer as I am not but I can write to a certain degree and if I set my mind to it I could turn my blog erotic fantasy life into a book of short stories, at least I think I could.

My husband always hated to see me read and constantly interrupted me because I found a book more interesting than he was. I never saw him read a newspaper, book, flyer, magazine or anything in the 17 1/2 yrs. of marriage.

When he passed away and I read something I had written just for him and his funeral, I thought to myself the best place for me to put this is in his casket with him. I left the papers in the casket knowing they would turn to ash as his body would do during the cremation.

Without words, life would be rather boring and words are cool, words are unique and words are expressive such as I love you, you are a fucking moron, Let’s have sex. Words are what excites me and to be able to use them to touch another may it be good or bad, words are fun.