Ms. Right

I feel as if I am the perfect person for someone special, yes he knows who he is and I am sure he is feeling quite smug at this moment. He seems to always get what he wants but with me, well he will be getting what he needs. I confuse him, piss him off, make him feel fantastic and loved and keep him guessing.

He can’t figure out why he is attracted to me when there are so many beautiful women in this world he could choose from. I am not ugly but I am not a knock down beautiful woman either. I do ok and I am ok with who I am which is more than I can say for a lot of women.

I am Ms. Right and there is nothing he can do about it, which is what cracks me up. It’s called soulmates love, yes soulmates.  I will always be Ms. Right for someone special and you will be too, everyone has a Ms. Right or Mr. Right. We just have to believe and bring in positive into our lives.

It’s Fall Yall

It’s a beautiful fall day in southeastern michigan as the sun peeks out before the evenings cold turns it into a partial moonlight. The nights grow cold and the fields filled with dormant weeds and grass along with flowers and bees. It is the time of year we snuggle, sip hot cocoa and nibble on cookies by the fire.

It’s a romantic time of year, the time of year relationships start or end and the warmth of two bodies is so appealing it’s as if you no longer care who’s body is next to yours just as long as there is one. It’s all in a dream of the dark and the under the warm covers of the night.

There is nothing that compares to fall or fall love and romance and things are so solemn in the air of the night. We pull out the night gowns, the ones that are warm but so unattractive and all he does is spoon with us at night and pull that night gown up to the middle of our backs anyway.

The Scam

Dating scammers are on the rise and I am one that has experienced it and learned a great deal from it. Scammers prey on the lonely, they are very good at making you feel good about yourself and they are master manipulators. They tell you they are in England or some other country and they lost their passport or some other bullshit and they get you to send them money.

They like Western Union because it is hard to trace in another country and you cannot get any help from our own law enforcement. They basically tell you that you have been duped and you are a dumbass for falling for the scam. You have to be very computer savvy and smart enough to get the ip-addy from any emails that are sent to you.

One good way to protect yourself is to use, this site will help you weed out the scammers, first copy your email header and trace it, you will get the ip address, then take the ip-address and check it, it’s a fake ip or one in the middle of Kansas somewhere.

The damage these scammers do is unbelievable as they can destroy a person financially as well as emotionally. My daughter’s religion teacher is involved in a scam and she doesn’t even know it. She has told her students inappropriate things about her life and she moved to my state and knows nobody and has no friends.

There isn’t a dating site that the scammers are not on and they go after you as soon as you register onto a dating site you start to immediately receive emails  from the scammers telling you how good and honest men they are, how they are looking to get married and blah, blah, blah.

They don’t care if you send money to them for next months rent or for food, all they care about is the money and getting their hands on it. They do not care about you at all and only lead you to believe that they do and they will never return the money and do not give a shit if you starve or lose your place of residence.

I have learned not to fall for their trap and not a penny will leave my bank account to “help” anyone else. I am no longer stupid to the ways of the scammers and I have found you cannot meet anyone online because the scammers have infiltrated every site possible to meet anyone.

I fell for a scammer years ago and I am still trying to recover from the damage to my heart and bank account, yes I was stupid and sent money, not once but several times. I was sick at the time, I quit taking my meds for bipolar disorder and fell victim but I finally got help and got back on track with the meds.

I live on social security and at the time I cashed in my 401K and sent it away to the scammer. Do you think he cares? Do you think he will return the money? No way and yes he has asked for more money but that will never happen again. He doesn’t love me or give a shit about me and no we will never meet.

He is holed up with his lovely gf and I mean nothing to him, not a damn thing and no he doesn’t care what state of mind I am in or where I live. He just wants money, money, money because he is used to living the high life and yes he lost a lot in his divorce and he is rebuilding and stock piling cash to retire.

I thank God everyday that I have found out the truth and even though I am still somewhat emotionally attached to this person after all these years, I am no fool any longer and just waiting for the right guy to come into my life. Someone that cares about me and respects me for who I am and doesn’t ask for money.

Why Not

So many people say “why me”, I ask why not you or why not me, we are not special and bad things happen so good things can come into our lives. I have had so many bad things happen that I expect things to go south and when they go right I am so happy. People blame God for their troubles and some even have  eliminated God from their lives yet in their hour of need they are calling out his name.

I believe the man above has great plans in store for me and the next couple years are going to be major changing years. They are not going to be easy but I will learn a heck of a lot. I do not know where I am headed but it’s in the right direction I have no doubt. I do hope I finally meet my great love because that would really make life easier.

I have survived so much and been through so much but I am still a bulldozer and can continue to move forward. A blogger said to me that I was an inspiration, I do not feel like one but I have fought a good fight. I fight for myself and my children, I fight to make this world a better place, I fight for the ignored handicapped and I fight for you as well as myself.

I have this great plan to help the people of Nigeria with housing, food banks, medicine ect. I have had this dream for several years and once my son graduates I will be putting my plan into action. I have friends that live in Nigeria and the knowledge I have can make a huge difference in their lives.

There are too many children in third world countries that are starving and dieing everyday and I can do something about it and I will in time, everything takes time. It takes time, money and donations and since I am excellent with sales that will not be too difficult to obtain. 

So many people blame Nigeria for scamming and I agree there are scammers there but they are everywhere and use Nigeria as not to bring notice to where they actually are. You can pay one person in Nigeria and live in England or the States and fly there to collect your cash.

It’s not rocket science but people can never see beyond what is in front of their faces and I am no exception to that rule. My own ignorance is apparent when it comes to my great love. I refuse to see what is truly before my eyes but I am beginning to accept the truth.

The Branch

Life is nothing more than a series of branches and we must decide which branch to turn to. The simple beauty of rain drops falling off the branches makes me feel so calm and serene. artwork invokes different emotions within me. I hope the photograph that I took below will make you feel something to

Fakes And Phonies

I read some of the blogs posted and it cracks me up as I know they are men writing pretending to be women, they pretend to live in let’s say England when they really are in Texas. What’s the point of writing a blog when you  aren’t honest with anyone including themself. 

A certain blogger believes I am writing about them because the initials I have been using are the same. Arrogant? Ignorant? Unsure of themselves, feeling guilty? I have no clue but if they feel I am writing specifically about them, then they should no longer read my blog. I could give a fuck about anyone elses life at the moment as my plate is overflowing.

As most of you know I have an online stalker, he has already located me on a dating site and I have no idea how to shake this dude. He needs to concentrate on his gf and be honest about his fetish for me. How can you build a relationship with someone when you  are attracted to someone else.

Isn’t it interesting that men do shit like that behind their wives and gf backs? How many of you think you know your significant other? Don’t fool yourselves because you do not know that person like you think you do. Proof is in a divorce, that is when you see the real person and what they are capable of.

I went to the cemetery this morning and bitched out Bob, I must have looked like a lunatic as I ranted and raved and kicked at his grave. It’s odd how I think he is alive still at times and how angry I am at him and want to slap the shit out of him. He babied the kids and did everything for them and I mean everything.

Not allowing your kids to grow up really hurts them later in life, like right the fuck now in high school. My husband’s mother always babied Bob’s brother because he was asthmatic and Bob had to do cut the grass ect. because his brother could not. Bob was never shown any affection as a child and he raised our kids the same way.

My husband only hugged be several times during our 18 yr. marriage, he wasn’t affectionate at all so to make up for that he bought the kids everything they wanted and did everything for them. He was a quit gregarious guy, people loved him and yes he could charm the panties off a nun and my son has the same charm.

My husband turned our entire town against me when we were getting divorced, that is how small this town is, the cops were ticketing me for no reason, seriously now that is plain fucked up but a small town people talk and the story always gets bigger and better as it is passed on.

All because of Bob my neighbors are cold as ice to me even to this day. I am not a hunter but I do believe if you can’t shoot a dear, hell shoot your neighbor. I know, shitty attitude but the guy is a moron, seriously gives me the creeps and I never wanted my children alone with him because he is creepy, like bad creepy.

I recorded Titanic blood and steel, I think it’s about the building of the Titanic and what the men went through. It’s a several hour series and it looks so interesting. I know most of you think how boring it would be to sit and watch that but hey, I like history, I like learning so I’m a geek but I’m a damn cool geek, just ask my son’s “friends”.


Just A Minute

I would like to take just a moment and ask you why you are reading what I write. I am seriously wondering what could be so interesting that you would want to follow me. I have fallen into a six drought of happiness but that will clear up soon enough, it just has too. I really think that I will be happily involved within the next 2 years.

Will I marry? lol-no but I will commit and no paperwork will be necessary, I just play the game my way, when you are with me, it’s me only and if you choose to wonder-hell keep on going. It will hurt but I will recover as I am used to being let down and left in the dust.