I wonder what the weather is like in France, I wonder if it is like Michigan is in the fall season. I wonder if France is as romantic as they say or if all of that is just myth. The man that stole my heart is in France right now as he lives there and here as well. He travels extensively and seems to be going in a new direction.

Why he won’t come to me I do not know but it’s starting to piss me off. Why read everything I right and keep looking at my pictures if you have no plans to meet me. Why don’t you just stay out of my life and let me be happy, as happy as you are? What am I just a sideline of entertainment for you?

You know my birthday is coming up and I bet you have no plans of seeing me then either. What do you want? Are you seriously that happy just reading my blog and oggling my pictures? Is that how you find your happiness? Your pleasure? How sad if that is true because I am all that I claim to be and so much more.

I do not want to pose for pictures with you or have to deal with photographers, I prefer a nice quiet existance of just two people being happy together. I guess you and AB are just doing so swell that you don”t need a real woman like me, you settle for what is comfortable and easy.