Turn Away

So you have all the answers to all the questions and you need no one, not your spouse, family or God. You do not believe in God? Then why do you call out his name in your hour of troubled times?

Life isn’t about loving God, life is about doing as God puts forth in front of you and it is you who changes the world by being God’s instrument. Religion has nothing to do with it and neither do personal beliefs.

I am an instrument of God’s love and peace and that is gladly given for the life I live. My life is not happy but maybe it isn’t suppose to be about happiness, maybe it’s suppose to be about lessons and learning at this point.

I love to deeply and feel to strongly but there is a reason for that even if I do not know it at this time. I am happiest when I am doing for others so my life is not my own, it belongs to those that I can make smile, change their world and give them inner peace. 

Escape Us

Who doesn’t want to escape once in a while? Who doesn’t want to be a kid again jump into rain puddles and make snow angels? Who doesn’t want to feel free and embrace the stars? I believe all of us have felt that way and it is good to escape and leave it all behind and grab what is ours.

I escape every day into a tempo that makes me feel good and smile. I cannot hold a note with a basked but I do love to sing and everyone sings in their cars or shower, don’t they? Music is my greatest and easiest escape because it reminds me of people, places and things that I once loved or still do.


I think I was involved music in my past life but then again I also think I was an attorney or involved heavily into law. I believe in past lives, karma, evil and good and I believe God has set a path for all of us. Being as spiritual as I am I know in my heart that God watches over me and I am his instrument.

I think God is pretty amazing even though he has had some pretty shitty things happen to me at times. He knows I need to learn and my stubborn ass needs to be shook up sometimes. It’s ok God because for every bad thing that has happened good things seem to follow and it’s about getting rid of the old making room for the new.

My life is starting to change and I can feel it and the way I am dealing and deciphering problems is changing in a more positive way. I am doing the work that needs to be done and I am eliminating items, legal problems and people who are not bringing positive into my life.

I really have to figure out what I want and go after it because I really do not know what I want other than a warm, loving, affection and secure relationship that isn’t controlling or stifling. I would like to have a relationship that allows us to constantly communicate and enjoy ourselves as well as the world around us.