Hand Of Red

I got caught red handed doing a dirty deed and I should fee bad but I do not. I was blogging at dinner last night with”C” and I tuned him out. I got so into blogging it was as if he wasn’t there.

He evidently was talking to me and I was to engrossed in what I was doing so he grabbed my laptop and read what I was writing. This was not good and make him feel real bad after he read the part about him boring me to death.

He asked me why I didn’t let him know I was bored and I told him I had but he just didn’t listen. He was greatly insulted and dinner came to a dead halt and we left the restaurant. He started yelling at me and that pissed me off.

I reminded him I am a grown adult and will not be yelled at like a child and then he said I was acting like one. That did it, home I go get out of the car and he says he will call me, I told him don’t bother. Shit, what have I done?

How’d It Go?

Did you happen to go out on a date tonight? Get laid? Probably not but who knows and instead of being with someone who cared for you, you chose to see someone else. The choice was yours and you threw away someone pretty awesome to try to build something new with someone new.

I hope it was worth to you because  you just made the biggest mistake of your life and you will find out soon enough. Do you feel that the person you left behind isn’t good enough for you? Well then you are an ass and have fooled yourself by beauty and you will find how shallow this new person is.

Either way, you are a loser in the grand scheme of things and you cannot undo the damage you have done. Some people have to learn the hard way and wonder why they aren’t happy. You cannot continue to expect someone to wait for you because they will find say forget it and move on.

When you hurt others believe me it will come back to hurt you twice as much and the person you hurt may not accept your apology and probably won’t. So, I do hope your evening was worth what you have lost because there is no getting it back, not now not ever and remember that.