Try Me Please

Tomorrow I head back to court for the felony charge of entering my deceased dad’s home to get documents. Long story and boring but tomorrow should be the beginning of the end. The trial will last for two days my attorney has told me and he asked me what the pictures were of that the prosecutor had.

The pictures were of the documents I needed to settle my dad’s estate and then there was the bag of my dad’s ashes. Doris lied to me about my dad’s ashes, she said he wanted to be buried on the highest mountain and on his farm. This is a lie and there is nothing written in his will about that.

Those ashes belong to me not her and it is very upsetting for me to see them in a picture when I was going to put him to rest. This woman is greedy and a thief, she steals from the elderly and manipulates them into giving her their things and money. The relationship was one of convenience and she wanted my dad to marry her but he refused.

I just want to get this over with because I want to leave the states on a vacation and I need to clear this mess up first and then I am suing the shit out of the cops and Doris. I am fighting for what is my children’s as well as mine and with no family left all I have is family heirlooms.

Bypass Child

It is difficult for me to accept the fact that my daughter will be leaving for college before I know it. Yes, she still has to graduate high school but even that is a blink away. Because of circumstances beyond my control my has been living with her boyfriend and I will tell you that goes over like a lead fart with me.

Those that know me are surprised at my reaction regarding my daughter because they never knew I would be so against my daughter living with her bf. Yes, it bothers me because I feel he has too much influence over her and no influence from me at all, and his mother also puts her two cents in as well.

I was very hurt when Shelby was driven to U of D by her bf’s mom and he went along. Those are trips her and I should be taking together and I was really pissed and hurt. I wanted her to come stay at home this week because she is off of school but she didn’t want to and we got into a huge fight.

I thought about it and I have finally accepted the cold hard facts which are she is going to be 18, she is going to do what she wants and she is a brilliant young lady that has lived the last three years in a very difficult place. She is to smart and to pretty for her current bf but for me to keep them from each other is just going to push them closer together.

I am hoping once she starts work and college she will see he needs to grow up quite a bit. I will go on a nut if she spends a dime of her settlement on him instead of school but once again I cannot control that either. I cannot control her at all and I actually do not want to.

I apologized to her and explained to her how hard it was for me not to have her at home and I will be letting her go for good very soon. I had to admit that I wasn’t mad but very hurt and that showing anger was a way to protective myself from further hurt. The honesty on my part has brought us closer together and I can feel us rebuilding our relationship, which is great.

As It Goes On And On

Today was my trial for the felony charge, I am such a bad girl doing such terrible things like going into my deceased dad’s home looking for legal papers, with a probate document signed by the judge in hand. His roommate of thirty years refused to give me a copy of anything so I didn’t know if any docs even existed.

I will not go into what a piece of shit this pig is or how much I can’t stand the bitch but let’s put it this way, I wouldn’t hesitate to run her over several hundred times for letting my dad suffer the way he did in the end. Anyway, court is such a joke, first the judge is ALWAYS an hour and one half late, then Doris (the roommate) and her four groupies came walking down the hall and I could have sworn I was at the geriatric ladies dildo society.

They all had their hair done for the occasion and it was quite comical as they marched by. My attorney showed me some pictures today that he had just gotten and they show my suitcase filled with the legal documents I needed. Is the prosecution completely blind?

The court couldn’t get another judge to take my case and the one that would wanted me to waive jury trial, as if I have complete IDIOT stamped on my forehead. We ended up setting trial on November 14 and then Scott says it will take two days. It was a bit upsetting seeing the picture that had my dads ashes in a clear plastic bag.

Doris wants to see me burn so bad so she can keep my dad’s entire estate but that isn’t going to happen because I will not let her kids have what my dad worked for his entire life. My kids were his grandkids and they have a future ahead of them hell her kids are my age, get a life.

Before I get to enjoy the show of the 14th of this month I get to celebrate my fifty-third birthday, now aren’t I friggin special? Just another day I crawl up on the couch under a blanket with my jammies on watching pawn stars for the millionth time because Ryan likes the show.

The Path

So what path will you take when you finally find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with? Will you stay in a relationship that is good but not great and you are treated so well? Will you stay in a relationship that leaves you wondering what it would be like with someone like me?

Do you fantasize about us? Am I even a thought in your mind at all? If you do then you better decide what you are going to do because you are going to hurt one of us. If she is pregnant and you stay with her because of that then you are an asshole simple as that. You are the father and have rights that she cannot take away from you.

I cannot understand why you fear me so, why not bite the bullet and take a chance? Change your world, take a chance-reach out and grab what you want, dammit-you only live once.


You do not trust yourself that is why you do not trust me, you do not believe in yourself and that is why you do not believe in me. I am not you, not remotely and because you lack the faith in yourself you cannot put faith in others. I will not chase you and I will not wait and I do not care what you do any longer.

You hurt me, I hurt you it’s over-you are going to be a new dad and marry so enjoy your life, move on forget me and quit posting shit that is hurting me. I am deleting everyone that posts things that hurt me and that is the way it has to be. You are happy and fulfilled so be on your way, be happy and enjoy what you have for now.