Human Currency

Children must learn that there is a price to pay for every action, there is a reaction and sometimes actions can be costly, in fact deadly. You cannot taunt the actions of the heart to make the flow of blood possible. You cannot take hundreds of pills and expect to live a normal life ever again.

Once you attempt suicide there is the question of the unknown that hangs like a barren lightbulb from the ceiling. The question of why did I live or why didn’t I die are questions that become beacons in our minds. Questioning will not solve your quest for the answers because if you were meant to known them you already would.

Suicide is a totally lost soul-searching for its home in a land of no man and so many cannot pull themselves back from the edge of total dispair. I fear this is where my son stands and I stand at the edge with him trying to talk him down. I would jump for him if it would help but it won’t so I stand at the edge wondering when.

Some parents don’t want to be bothered but I am the opposite BOTHER ME, please bother me because that is what I am here for. I am here for you and you and you too and never doubt that for a minute. My son is at the hospital and he had the nurse call and leave a message but I am ignoring it.

Live is a baked meringue boat and my son is floating on it as it slowly dissolves into the ocean of lost boys and I am the licorice paddle that is stronger but I to am dissolving, sugar crystal by sugar crystal.  I am the sweet treat that dissolves on your tongue and I am sliding down your throat as I melt.