Foot Foot Who’s Got The Foot?

I was just thinking how ugly my feet are and how they went from a size 8 to 9 after I had the kids. I have wide feet and it’s hard to find shoes that fit without killing my feet. I have had foot problems since I was a kid and my toes are scary ugly, or at least I think so. My daughter’s baby toe curves in like her grandfather’s.

Bob had a curved baby toe to and I was also thinking about the title of this post. When Bob was in icu, one of the times he was in icu the nurse came in to check his pulse to his feet. She reached under the blanket and felt his left food and then asked him if she could feel his right foot.

He didn’t have a right foot and Bob literally started to cry when she left the room. I felt so bad for him and I was so pissed I told the nurse that he was her only patient and she should have read his chart because that was her job. I went on a serious nut and filed a complaint.

Filing a complaint didn’t change a thing but at least Bob knew that I wasn’t leaving him to the wolves. Anyway, Bob had so so feet I guess , I never gave it much thought except he had little feet size 8. His feet were really skinny like his legs and it just looked odd to me that a man 5’10” would have such a small foot.

Feet are so sensual and I can tell you if someone sucks on your second toe you will feel it clear up into your groin. It is an arousal spot and the nerve runs clear up our legs. Try it some time if you haven’t, I believe you will find it quite enjoyable and exciting.