Change in our lives is something we should be looking forward to but some people prefer to fight change because they fear it or they are content with their current situation. We change every day even if we do not notice it. Sometimes change is subtle and sometimes it hits us like a wrecking ball and knocks us on our ass. We must change to grow and we must be open to change because no matter how bad things get there is always something better coming our way.

It is true that we must hit rock bottom at times before we begin to bounce back to happier times and I do believe I am finally bouncing back up, in fact I know I am. I know a much better life is coming my way and I know that love is just on the horizon. Everything that has happened in my life has gotten me to this point and I regret nothing no matter how hard it has made my life.

I have great faith in a happy future and yes many sad events have taken place to get me to this point but everything happens for a reason. No one leaves our life for no reason and every empty glass is once again filled. I have grown tremendously and I have learned so much about myself even though I have had to fight to keep my head above water at times. I am so looking forward to my future and the changes that must take place to get me there, how about you????