He Wonders

I think everyone fantasizes about being with someone other than their spouse or partner and I think the fantasy is all that they have to hang onto to get them through another day with their partner. We keep dirty little secrets from our friends and lover and we even fool ourselves into believing whatever it is we feel that we need. We do not want to end what we have with someone else but we also do not want to continue wearing that same pair of old shoes.

I think men spend quite a bit of time wondering what the person of his affection would feel like, what she would smell like, taste like, what it would feel like to have sex with her, feel her touch upon his face and down his neck to his chest. I am sure he wonders what her hand upon his stiff cock would feel like and the massage of her hand on his balls would do to his psyche. I have no doubt he thinks of her soft lips upon his manhood would feel like and what it would feel like to enter her wetness.

He wonders if her kisses are sweet and if her nipples are erect and exciting as he rubs his chest upon hers and I am sure he wonders what his naked thighs would feel like pushing her legs wider apart so he may enter her at his pleasure. He wonders if she will lick his balls and make him cum over and over and he wonders if she is as sexually exciting as in his fantasies and his dreams.

He has never met a woman so free, so open and so wanting and he wonders when he will let himself feel her touch, her desire. He thinks of massaging her boobs and pinching her nipples and he thinks of running his hand down her belly and between her legs and letting his finger explore her depths and use her own wetness to bring her to orgasm and he wonders if someone else will take his place if he doesnt act soon enough.

Commit The Fingers

I like running my fingers through soft long hair on men, I love long hair on men period. It feels so good to run your fingers slowly through someone’s hair, don’t ask me why it just does. I have had men that loved running their fingers through my hair because it is so thick and soft.

I love to snuggle and make out and run my fingers through a man’s hair all at once, it is so hot and I find it a turn on. Some people like long hair and some don’t but my preference has always been long hair on  guys. I find them to be so much more sexy and I find it to get me so excited.

I am trying to decide if I should cut my hair or continue to grow it long and I really can’t make up my mind. It is kind of a pain in the ass and it gets knotted in the back which is a real pain to comb out. It is easy to take care of though and that is why I like it so much. I hate curling and primping and I just like to brush and go.