Death Of A Fruit Fly

I like bananas but I do not like fruit fly’s and they are so hard to get rid of even with a jar of juice covered with wax paper with holes in it. I do not like a messy house and I definitely do not like fruit fly’s. I have had to learn to step up my game and find new ways to do things because of my bad back and knee.

I discovered the wonders of the shop vac and weed blower as I suck up the fruit fly’s and catch most of them in the disposal and I use the leaf blower to clean under the bed and couches. I know this blows dust all over but it’s the only way to get this house clean. My son is a typical lazy fifteen year old so I am on my own most of the time.

I can no longer lift, shove and push things the way I used to and age has left its mark on my body. I have “war wounds” from caring for my husband and doing other things the female body was not built to do. If I ever won the lottery I would have a housekeeper for the simple fact that it’s to hard for me.

Back to sucking up the last of the fruit fly’s and there I times I wish the hose was bigger so I could suck up my son, lol just kidding, not.

Rod & Reel

Remember when I was just a 


Remember when we were 

Nothing more than a 

Credit Card?

Remember when I didn’t have a


Remember when love was used

To complete the 


Who ended up 


Who lost themselves

In who I 


Who now wants my


Who now wants to give me


Isn’t it funny how time

Changes so much

Isn’t it odd how we are 


When I was to be

Nothing more than 

A fish?


Just Another

Why in the hell am I treated like I’m just another piece of ass? Why can’t I meet someone who will treat me right? Why are men such assholes? I started to like him but then I got thinking something isn’t right and I am not paying an arm and leg to fly to see him.

All I am is a piece of ass to him and that makes me ill to think of myself that way. I am so much more than that but I’m not looked upon that way.