For The Love of It

I can remember being a young child and loving the game of baseball and the world series was always so exciting as Mickey Mantel was bashing the balls out of the park. Back then a man played the sport for the love of it but money has since ruined the game of any sport. Money is what everyone wants and they don’t care what they have to do to be on top.

There is no more for the love of it as steroids have been used to enhance the performance of the sportman. I can no longer look at any great athlete and no for sure their talent wasn’t drug enhanced and that is so sad. Man once was a man of respect and desire to be the best he could be but there are no men left like that as far as I can see. Everyone wants to be rich, everyone wants to be someone they will never be or have things that they do not need.

I’m an old soul with simple wants and desires that are connected to the land and sea as I want nothing more than a handful of earth that has that heady smell of foods that have yet to be grown. I want nothing more than a simple life and if you think that is being a pauper than so be it let this woman be just that, a pauper of the land. There is nothing more exciting than watching a man play a sport, play from the heart and soul.

Where did we go wrong? When did we lose our self respect and desire to be as we are? When did we give into the green of paper and sell our morals down the river? What happened to the man of yesteryear? What happened to the man who loved to play a sport for the simple love of giving his all? What happened to us as a country? A nation? What happened can someone please tell me?


Tell us Who are you? Should I do the introductions for you Mr. Famous and Wonderful, in need of a new publicist I can see by the lack of more vids posted-

Are you getting afraid? You damn well should be you fuck——-


You think I want to hurt you? Well, bingo motherfucker I want you to hurt like you have hurt me and no I will not be fooled again–


I will eventually spill your beans all over this blog but for now I want you to fucking squirm like the worm you are–



Have you ever wondered what makes us feel jealous? What puts the defensive mode in action? Why do some people feel none or very little jealousy while others are overtaken by it? I was watching a movie and there were two girls/women talking and one was quite obvious jealous and her actions made me stop and think.

I wonder what does cause jealousy? I am being to think it’s part of our past when some of us had to deal with the feeling of “abandonment”. Then I begin to think what if jealousy is a “protective mechanism” and is it normal to feel jealousy to a certain point.

I seem to question quite a few things but this one really has me a bit puzzled. You can always tell when the person you are with begins to show signs of jealousy. They turn cold and ignore you, they’re mood turns from happy or content to unhappy. The one’s that go off the deep end and starts stalking you online or around your home, slashes tires, breaks windows and shit like that is like the third depth of jealousy you can go.

Some people just go on a serious nut and lose control of all common sense. I can understand jealousy but haven’t felt it in so long that I do not recall how it feels. As far as I can remember, jealousy sucks and doesn’t feel good at all. Who in the hell wants to be controlled by their emotions for another person?

I have watched couples together and the woman time and time again does something to stir jealousy in her date. I find this to be very immature and definitely shows lack of maturity required for a committment. So many want the relationship but they want it their way. As far as I’m concerned a relationship with regular bouts of jealousy is not one that will stand the test of time and the “life span” of the relationship is three to six months at best. I’m the type that doesn’t screw around when I am jealous.

 I do remember reminding someone who they were with many moons ago. Ya bitch, you’re with me and if you want to be with someone else, I’m outa here. No games, no beating around the bush, just straight to the brain to really look at and examine.  I do not care for jealousy from myself or others and I think there should never be room for jealousy.

I think to make another jealous is a deliberate way to cause hurt and uncomfortable emotions between two individuals. I would hope that most adults do not even dabble in the jealousy game because it doesn’t do any good for anyone.