Good People

Most people take things that aren’t theirs and if you lose your wallet you will be hard pressed to get it returned. Well, today I left my wallet in a shopping cart outside of the grocery and as soon as I got home I realized I had left it. I got caught up in traffic so that kept me from getting back immediately to the store but when I did finally get there my wallet was not in the cart.

I sat on the couch thinking maybe I will get lucky enough to get it returned to me so don’t panic. I was just about to start canceling my debit and credit cards but I though I would wait until tomorrow because I have to go to the bank tomorrow anyway. I was so down in the mouth about losing my wallet because it seems like our entire lives are carried around in our wallet.

I was hoping someone would return it and sure as shit a young girl showed up at my  house with my wallet. I only had thirty dollars but I gave her twenty of it and thanked her profusely. She said she would hope if she lost her wallet that someone would return it and I told her I wish I had more money I could give her but she said that was fine and I could tell she was happy with the twenty I gave her. It is so nice to know that there are still some really good people walking this earth!!!!

M T Arms

My arms are empty and my heart is so sad, the pain is a constant reminder of how lonely life can be. All I want to do is lie in the safety of his arms and the feeling of being protected allows me to sleep finally. I so want to be held and made to feel safe but that isn’t forth coming as usual.

It hurts when you have to let go of something or someone you care for but we have to make tough decisions everyday. I have to let go of someone if I am to find any happiness in life. Holding on to air is what I have been doing and I have to let go because holding on is what is holding me back.

I refuse to let myself be caught up emotionally with someone who is just a dream, someone who I hang on to because they help get me through each day. I am comfortable with him and I actually trust him, now that is stupid of me and I have to cut him out of my life for good.