Peeps Around The World

I found this song and it immediately made me think of my grandmother, brother, aunt, dad and husband. These are all of my family that has passed in the last five years. I miss all of them each and every day and pray that maybe one day I will have a family again.

I do not know you but I am sharing this song with you and hoping you have wonderful holidays!!!! Thank all of you for following and reading my blog and all I have learned from you.


The Happy Side

I can honestly say I am not unhappy but I am not happy and I just go through each day as it melts into the next. I think most people live life that way and I surely know that  way to many marriages and relationships are like that. I was in a marriage like that so I can back up what I say.

I do not believe life is meant to be that way for me, no I believe my life will be exactly happy. I know it will happen one day but damn that day is taking a hell of a long time to get here. I know what it will take to get there and that is sharing my life with someone who can understand me.

I am very simple to understand but people look at me and get so confused by my different sides that they cannot even begin to grasp the real me. I am like that algebra problem I could never solve, I looked at it and got overwhelmed, but then I stepped back and looked at the problem piece by piece.

That is the way you have to look at people, many different things make up a person’s makeup and you have to break down the personality in that fashion. I know someone who was raised on a farm and understands the importance of the land yet he is wealthy and also appreciates the finer things.

I just want to be happy with someone else and watch the grass grow, I just want a simple life that is quiet and enjoyable. I just want to watch the moon and the stars slowly kissing the one that I love. Is that asking to much? Am I wanting just to much for myself and another?


What are you doing for Halloween? I will be down at big Rick’s and Lynn’s doing jello shots and passing out chips. Every year these two and quite a few other neighbors hand out shots and beers, it’s candy for the adults and it is damn fun. I really enjoy Rick and Lynn and Rick watches over me like a mother hen.

Rick and Bob were really good friends and it tore up Rick when Bob died. Rick has offered me his manly “services” jokingly but he truly is a great guy.  I called Rick and had a talk with him about what I had found and he didn’t know anything about it, no I am not jealous at all, when two people are separated they are going to venture off into the wild blue yonder.

But you do not spend your children’s money on anyone but them, but money does strange things to people now doesn’t it?. My goal is to be debt free in two years and that will happen with no problem. I have some legal issues that are going to reward me handsomely and take care of my financial burdens.

How do I keep myself from having a meltdown? I look towards God, yes I know someone who acts like me be a believer? I am very spiritual and yes I pray to God and ask to help me keep the lid on the can of woop-ass, besides there is no one alive to woop-ass, damn now that really pisses me off.

He has made it so much easier to get rid of his shit that I keep finding, the only thing I haven’t pitched is the thirty boxes of nascar die cast that I am keeping for the kids to dump when they are like thirty. I found a pillow that hadn’t been washed and it had his smell on it. I threw that bitch in the hottest water my washer would put out and a ton of bleach.

Now I have a nice pillow that smell like downy and that works for me, that is because I do not have any men’s cologne that wasn’t his. Maybe I will go buy some just to turn myself on, lol. I have to keep my sense of humor or I will break down and I prefer to laugh then to cry, wouldn’t you to?

Back In Time

With Halloween coming up I started thinking back to my childhood and remembering how different things were and how our world has changed. Life used to be simple and fun, yes fun from the moment I woke up until I went to bed at night. I enjoyed the simple things in life, but life will never be that way again.

I remember using a sheet and cutting holes in it so I could be a ghost and I used a pillow case to hold all the candy I would get trick or treating. I remember swinging on a tire hung on a rope and twirling until the rope got so tight that untwirling was fast and furious, leaving me dizzy.

I remember when gas was 35 cents a gallon and Dino the dinosaur was used for promotion of Sinclair gas. The gas pumps had a  big round glass container like promotional tool on top of it, I remember when the gas attendant pumped your gas, cleaned your windows and checked your tires and they were always so friendly.

I remember loving going shopping for school clothes  and buying black pant and leather shoes that were so shiny. I couldn’t wait for school to start so I could wear my new clothes and shoes. I so enjoyed my new lunch box made out of metal and had mighty mouse on the side.

I can remember my uncle driving an old Chevy and driving down the road leaving dust behind him. I remember him taking me to the candy store and for 5 dollars I had enough candy to last a year. I would go to the soda cooler and slid the door open and reached down to get a coke.

I remember when I lived with my grandmother and I played across the road in the sand and i would venture into the forest behind the sand and I found moral mushrooms. My grandmother had me pick all of the mushrooms and she was just tickled pink. I do not remember ever eating them but then again I do not remember a lot from that time.

I remember watching tv and we had four channels to choose from and the tv was black and white. My grandparents always watched Walter Cronkite do the news and I got to watch my favorite show, Ed Sullivan. Ed always had the latest music artists on like the supremes, cowsills and different types of acts, dog acts and people doing weird stuff. I remember Elvis was such a shocker that they refused to show him from the waist down on tv.

When I look back I remember so many things that nothing of today compares to as life was simple now everything is technology and kids never go out and play, almost every kid has a computer and they live on them. Sexting is a huge thing but long ago no one ever talked about sex as it was taboo.

It makes me sad to look back as life has changed so much, how life has become so expensive and everyone is in such a hurry. The thought of someone slaughtering their own hogs and cows is so gross to most. Killing chickens really grosses people out yet they enjoy eating those animals.

We will never see the 60’s again and we will never live the simple life again. Man has become so greedy and self-absorbed and the more money, the fancier the car, clothes and home. There is no more love thy neighbor or Sunday family dinners and we have become expectant of items to enhance our lives such as ipods, ipads, kindles and so on.