Mixed And Confusing Messages

Life can be so hard especially when your heart is involved and some of us just get so swept into a lost space that we cannot see the crumbled dirt along the pathway. We step into the dirt and get our feet dirty with lies we live and tales we have told. The light is hidden by the dark door of hell and we stay when we should go.

The dark sky keeps the stars from twinkling and the meteors from hitting earth and blowing our world apart. Life can be such a struggle at times and we know not where we are going. Emotions can take us to a place known as purgatory and our hearts can shatter as easily as a crystal vase hitting the marble floor.


Have you thought about that final moment with someone who has stolen your heart? Have you thought of that moment when you turn and walk away and the silence that shadows you as you avoid the cracks in the walkway. Have you thought of how you will feel when you realize that the darkness has set upon your shadow and we is no longer a word in your vocabulary?

Do you wonder what your life will be like without that solemn one next to you, the one that makes you think and question as well as wonder and dream? Do you think you will lose no darkness if you keep that one close to heart? Do you think your sunshine is just fading away and you are ok with that?


If you find that soulmate grab that person and hold them close because life is shorter than we could really ever image. The perfect two will be together no matter what others say or do. We all come together in the time that is meant for us and us alone and there is no changing time, now is there?


So Over It

I have let myself fall in love with someone I will never meet and I have let this person have my heart for numerous years now. Today, is the beginning of my new life as I put this person in a chest and out to the trash. He doesn’t care about me and I woke up realizing this.

I will no longer chat with his numerous aliases, listen to his bullshit about his love for another or wait for him to show me one bit of affection. Today is my 53rd birthday and I do not expect to get even a card from him. This situation has finally come to a screeching halt.

I will no longer give him a minute of my time or day and if he were any kind of man at all he would return what is rightfully mine, but he won’t. Even though I have been saying for months that I am through, today did it for me, I never want to hear from him again as he has ripped out my heart and left a huge gaping hole there.

So go to your girlfriend that you so love and forget you ever had anything to do with me as that is what I am doing with you. Even a friend remembers another friends birthday but you couldn’t even do that one little thing for me, so goodbye, fairwell and go to hell.

Smile A Little Smie

It’s hard to smile when your heart is broken but if you never look back and keep moving forward life will change and one day you will meet the one that will make you smile again. A smile says so much as the eyes twinkle and the smile lights up your face like a beacon, a smile can change the world.



How Do I

How do I tell someone how much I love them? Words cannot express the depth my heart feels for you, my arms are not wide enough to hug all of you and I don’t know how to make you feel what I feel. I do not want to hurt you and I do not know what you really feel for me, if anything.

I do not know what to do anymore as you will not come to me so I must walk away from you. My heart can’t take the pain any longer and if you love me, really love me you will let me walk away with what little dignity I have left. I look foolish enough in my own eyes don’t make me look foolish in your eyes or others.

We will not ever be hand in hand so let’s just shake and say so long, let me crawl away and hide, let me just say goodbye. It’s not that I want to hurt you, I just don’t want you to hurt me any longer.

What To Do

What do you do with all the emotions that have stolen your heart? What can you possibly think when the two of you are apart? How do you know if he loves you at all? How do you know if you are the one for him? How do you know if he is lieing with another? How do you know if he hasn’t made her a mother?

What do you do with all these feelings and no validation? This is called love, not a recreation, so what do you do? Why will he not speak? Why will he not release me from my person penitentiary? I beg him to please just tell me, will there ever be an us? Or is it nothing more than lust?