I’m In Here

I hide within myself so others cannot see me in my saddest hours and I doubt anyone can hear me scream out in the night. I find myself getting lost within my own thoughts and feelings and there is nobody that knows I am within myself. I smile to the world and the world frowns back at me as I wait for someone to reach for me and take my hand leading me to open pastures and empty highways.

Do you want to know who I am? Do you care what I feel or think? If you cared you would save me from the waters washing over my head. I cling to the rocks near the shore but the sand underneath them is being washed away, taking me with the waters that flow to the ocean of nowhere. No one knows me, no one takes the time to find out who I am, where I have been, how my life has taken on one bad turn to the next.

I deserve so much more but the men in the army fatigues drag me onto the battle field and use me as their fortress. I am not that strong, I am not that independent and I surely am not the woman, the fortress. I am the broken wall falling down onto the ground without anyone to prop me up and there is no one that cares enough to patch the wound that has taken over my heart.