Kleen X

I have two adorable miniature yorkies that keep me laughing and of course picking up. They have a thing for toilet paper, paper ect. and they love to tear it up. They got a hold of the toilet paper roll and now I have bits and pieces of paper everywhere. These little guys make me so happy and they make me laugh until I pee.

Pet therapy is wonderful and so helpful when you are down and out and even my son is taken by them. He is actually cleaning up after them for a change. I let Ryan hold them on the way home when I bought them and they think he is their “daddy”. They follow him everywhere and take their naps with him.

Many years ago I used to raise exotic birds and I had everything from finches to a hyacinth macaw and I would take my baby cockatiels and go to a nursing home. I gave the elderly babies and supplies all the food and necessities. A lot of the elderly had no family that visited them and the birds filled a void.

Pets can make us feel so much better and Michael and Gabriel keep me on my toes. They are so small and they run like little gazelle’s through the house. My house is set up so you can run down the hall and through the kitchen to the great room and back to the hall so there is a complete circle which has turned into doggie derby, lol.

Khloe kitty loves the boys, lol they fight and play and Khloe does the hide jump maneuver which is hilarious to watch. She thinks she is hiding and when the pups walk bye she jumps on the and plays. This house is like a racetrack as these three chase each other and they put love and life back into my home.

Ooh Threats

I have some hacker that is on topface acting like he is from another country. The funny thing is he has a Minnesota ip address. What a jerk, wants me to get naked and masturbate online with him, like that is going to happen. He says he is going to trash my profile like I really do not care.

He has a serious problem if he thinks threatening me is going to get him anywhere because it won’t. Men are so stupid sometimes and this is a perfect example.  Men that try to use sex to control a woman has picked the wrong woman because I do not have a sense of humor when it comes to this.

This jerk either can’t get a woman his age or he thinks older women want him, lol. He said he was going to crack all of my passwords, ok have at it. Some people have serious control issues and I think he has one and is probably short as well. Why does this have to be so difficult?

Maybe I will just focus on “C” which I am but these guys on these dating sites give me free entertainment as they make an ass out of themselves. Maybe other women have cam sex with strangers but not me, I save that shit for someone special and I have yet to meet that individual.

No Road

More likely than not you will meet a scammer online and hopefully you do not start to get feelings for this person. They tell you lies and say how much they love you and want to marry you, all crap and lies. It isn’t fair for them to say those things but they do not care as long as they get your cash.

I cannot figure out why my scammer keeps in touch with me when he knows there is no money here for him. Does he love me? Absolutely not, I am nothing more than a very business man’s entertainment and touch with life through a real person’s life. There are no expensive houses or cars here and no extra money for a cheap vacation.

The only thing I have wanted besides my puppies is to meet this man. I just want to meet him, not to turn him into the cops but there are things I would like to know. Not about the scamming I know all about that but why he continues to follow me online and what is it he wants from me. 

I would like just an hour of his precious time and then he could go on his merry way and we can forget about each other or start a fantastic friendship. You can read every word  a person writes but unless you meet them you really do not know them because words without expression do not express the emotions of another.

We are never going to meet and I know longer call him and he doesn’t return my calls. He obviously wants me out of his life so I have accommodated him but he refuses to do the same for me. I want him to be happy but he doesn’t appear to care if I am happy or not but then again how would I ever know, all I have to go on are his actions or lack of them.

Just For Me?

He stays away and makes money but has no time to spend that money, or does he? He says he wants to be with me, ya like I believe that line of crap. He has followed me online for years and lied all the way, he knows I know who he is yet he still hides like a little boy. I have become his “friend”. 

He reads everything I post because it appears that I am the only “real” person in his life. He sits back and laughs, feels sorry for me and I piss him off. I enjoy pissing him off because he deserves it for all that he has done. He thinks I wait for him, ya just like I’m waiting for a serious case of diarrhea while shopping.

It must be nice to sit back and read about my life and say you want to marry me, like that will NEVER happen. I do not envy him nor do I wish to live his lifestyle. Many would love to be wealthy and famous as he is but I find that to be useless and shallow. He is neither but sometimes people need a swift kick in the behind.

I have my faults but I have some damn good virtues and he doesn’t have a place in my life and he is slipping out of my heart as well. He has watched me suffer yet offers not one word of support. I get more support out of an over bleached bra then I do him and just like that bra, he is being trashed.

You can give for only so long and when you get nothing in return it’s time to pack it and ship it, to let’s say fucking Chile. So go your own way and forget me as I am forgetting you. You are a scammer and always will be, how sickening is that? You stole from me and my children you fuck.

Some Things Are Just Funny

I think the one thing that makes everyone laugh is when someone farts. I think it is hilarious especially when I am the one doing the “every step farting”. The kids and I let em lose all the time and we always laugh. I cannot think of anything else that makes me laugh like farting.

  We have so many different kinds of farts and some are seriously dangerous. That silent but deadly a.k.a. as the sbd fart is the one that is a killer when in a closed area like a car or elevator. Then we have the wet one that always leaves a bit of itself behind and then you have those “little poppers” that are short but loud enough to make their presence known.

You cannot tell me you are not laughing as you read this because farts are funny and all of us laugh. First we laugh at the sound and then when the odor is real pungent we begin to laugh again. I just crack up and can’t help myself and no I do not feel sorry for the guilty one, because  most of the time it’s me, lol.


Most Embarrassing

I have experienced some of the most embarrassing moments anyone could ever have. I have walked out of the ladies room with my skirt tucked into my slip for all to see, I have also had toilet paper for days follow me out of the restroom.

Last week my daughter and I were shopping and as we started to walk down the escalator I had one of those tiny explosions between my legs not be so tiny. Every step I took another fart escaped and my daughter and I just started cracking up because it was like ten farts in a row before they finally stopped

Ok, you laugh at me but how many of you have been in line to pay for something and one of those silent but deadlies escaped and you acted like it was the person behind you? Or completely ignored it all together until the smell almost knocked you out?

I had my son go into my wallet to get some money and he found my “friendly bullet”  which comforts me when I am out and about, yes a mini vibrator. He just said “mom, what in the hell is this in your purse?” I just cracked up and said my vibrator.

He dropped my wallet and said you get the money, lol. Then there are the moments of others faux paux. At my husband’s funeral a friend of his said “he couldn’t look better if he were dead” now that was an embarrassing moment for sure.

Embarrassing moments are usually funny but sometimes they aren’t but I still laugh anyway. Someone once asked me if it was hard to put on a prosthetic when the person is dead, like I know the answer to that? I am sure it isn’t easy………




The Silly In Me

Have you ever been in a restaurant with someone and the conversation went flat? Neither of you speaking but looking out the window or at the other patrons? I think this has happened to all of us at one time or another, these are the moments I absolutely love because that is when I do really stupid shit.

I have been known to pick up the paper napkin and tear a whole in the center of it and stick my tongue through it at the person I am with. I do not care if I know them or not it breaks up the dead silence and both of us ended up laughing. That is the kind of silly that is harmless and fun.

Being silly keeps us young at heart and adventurous and it’s just plain fun, sometimes reality is much better than to have to be drunk or high to enjoy it. I am silly and love being that way and I do hope you enjoy my knock off pic of the adams family, it, remember it? Ok so I don’t look as good as him, o fuck yourself I look better, lol.

Putting Up

I would think most people are not able to see the things that are annoying to their partner or even room mate. Now, I have been told that I am not easy to live with, which I have no doubt. My first roomy and I got along great, we got along like sisters and it was great, but then my next roommate was a huge mistake.

I was engaged to a real loser and he was my first scammer. He stole my list of customers and all of my contacts for supplies and then when I found out he was screwing my gf who worked for me. I was working swing shift at the mill and running two mail order businesses out of my basement.

It was a very lucrative business until he screwed me over and then I closed shop a few years later and met my husband that I was married to for almost eighteen years.  Now I am alone and stupid in love with someone and I have no idea how he can have such a hold on my heart.

I would love the opportunity to find out what annoying habits he has, I can only think of a few that I can tell he has. Bad habits can be annoying and even break two people up but I really cannot think of a single thing I do that would annoy anyone, lol aren’t I special?

The Stretch

All of us want someone special in our lives and I have taken the stretch and joined a dating site that finds the “perfect one” for me. I am tired of being alone and having no one to share special moments with, someone to play with and someone to be romantic and sensual with.

I have waited for over three years to meet this special person that has been in my life and I have accepted that we will never meet no matter what he says. He likes to read erotic stories and he likes porn and pics of naked women, which I am sure he is getting quite a few pics.

Waiting for something that will never happen is wasting my life as we will never be together so I am trying to find someone who will fill the void in my life. I hope it happens soon because winter is so cold without someone to warm you up. It will be fun to play in the snow and be silly.

It’s sad when someone leads you on for their own private pleasure without thinking about you. I feel that I am nothing more than mild amusement to ease his boring life. He knows how I am and the type of person I am and that isn’t good enough for him so I am going to roll on down the road and let others find the one for me.

I am a unique person in many ways and I am old school 100%, I believe in cooking at home and taking care of my man, I like to make people smile and help people, I am a giver not a taker and I love animals. I am intelligent and do not want someone to support me, I just want someone to enjoy life with.

Before The Rain

I talked to him today, his voice is so soothing and calming. He says he loves me and he sounds sincere but I do not know if he means it. Why would two people who have never met keep in contact with each via phone? What is the point of staying in contact?

As long as I have feelings for him I can never meet anyone else even though I am trying. I have joined several dating sites and the one thing I cannot understand is why are all the men posting penis pictures instead of face pics? I mean you seen one head you’ve basically seen them all.

Personally, the size is important and must fulfill the needs of the female but it’s not that important so why post your penis guys? This dating online is nothing but entertainment as you cannot take any of these guys serious and the scammers have already began to hit on me.

Most do not even read your profile, I like tall men at least 6 ft. tall and who contacts me? A guy 5’7″ wtf? He was really kinky too, wanted me to degrade him as that made him feel good. He wants a dominant woman which I am but this guy was out there, I mean really out there, short and unattractive to me.

He needs to look for a s&m woman, he really likes to be hurt and I can’t be hurting people but some people cannot get off unless they are abused. I don’t understand why and have no interest in understanding why but I will have no part in it as it’s just to out there for me.

I guess it’s just not meant to be for me to meet someone but I will keep trying and see what happens. My life is so dull I doubt anyone would really want to be part of it. Actually my life isn’t dull, there’s just always something bad happening and this trend has got to stop.