I have a preference for men with shoulder length hair because I like to run my fingers through it. I like tall men because they make me feel safe. I like funny men because laughter is good, I like men to take control most of the time but I like to take control at times. I like to kiss, kissing is romantic and I like romance.

I like men that smell good because I can smell them on my pillow when they are gone. I like to shave from the neck down to toes because I do not like hair or the odor of it on the body. I like a man who smiles, smiling is inviting and warm, I like to hold hands because it is an unspoken connection.

I like to feed a man in bed because I do.I like to massage each other with nice oils and I like to bathe a man. I like to listen to a man about his day, dreams, hopes  wishes. I like to watch a man do what he likes to do the most and I like to watch movies with a man. I just like men, period.

Where Is The Romance

Why is it people are so romantic until they get you then some of them stop being romantic? Forget the candy, flowers, nice gifts as that has all gone out the window. The homemade dinners stop, but you didn’t know they weren’t homemade to begin with, lol.

Yes there are women that cannot cook, never could cook and never will. They run to the local deli or grocery, buy the pre made and put it in bowls like they made it. It’s called to impress but does it really? Why play games and lie? Why not just be yourself and call it a day?

Romance is something I thrive on, the nice dinners are made from scratch, the bath is already waiting for him and a glass of wine is perfect temperature to enjoy the bouquet. Men like to be romanced as well as women but sometimes women think they are the only ones that should be romanced.

Relationships are hard enough without being stupid and trying to pretend you are someone you will never be. What impresses most people? Honesty does and if you can’t cook, all I can say is you need to learn.

Romancing a man includes nice lingerie, good music and lots of talking dirty. Men love to be talked dirty to in the bedroom, kitchen or even garage. You talk dirty to a man and he gets so turned on, so remember romance isn’t just for the women.


Weeping Fall

I think fall is such a romantic time of year and two people can grow together rather quickly because fall is when things go dormant. It is a time to put to rest troubles and worries and it is time to open one up to accept what is headed their way.

I think fall is sexy the weather gets cool and cuddling and hand holding is sought. The perfect time for a romance to  begin to bud is in the fall. There is something so romantic about the fall and I think it makes me want to be close to someone.

Relationships started in the fall have a certain advantage I think because the fall is the “physical” time to start a relationship. Look at all the spring babies born that is proof enough that the fall romance is very physical and unique.

I have never been in love and if I can’t have a relationship that is “Je ne sais quoi” then I don’t want a relationship or love. Love should not be describalbe, it should be so deep and all consuming that you  cannot describe it.

I finally started to pack for this trip, lol all I can say is what a slut I am! Yes a 53 yr old woman can be a slut when she chooses to be and I guess it’s time for this old girl to let her hair down. I think I need this trip worse than I originally thought.

The Dance Of The Night

The Dance Of The Night

He is always on my mind and I wonder what he is doing and wonder if he is thinking about me as well. I think this entire “relationship” that we have is really something and I am finding it to be quite romantic in such a subtle way.

I must say being courted this way is interesting and exciting as it keeps me wondering and guessing and that is exactly what his goal has been all along. He’s a sly one indeed and smart, o yes very smart but he wanted me to know who he is and he dropped a shitload of hints.

People like to hide but they also like to be found as well and that is exactly what he did, laid out information that would lead me closer and closer to who he was. He knows I know who he is but as long as we do not meet until we are completely alone. I guess he feels safer that way which is fine with me I can live without the bullshit .

I am so excited about meeting him as this is so damn romantic that he has got  like the most romantic guy in the world. How that is so hot to me. He needs to know if what he feels is real and I am the same way as I have these feelings.

I need to validate my emotions and I think we both already know but need to be together to get to know each other. It’s crazy isn’t it, to have feelings and deep emotions for someone we have never met. He knows me better than anyone alive, even my closest friends and that is so odd but comforting.

He is comfortable, yes I feeling comfortable chatting with him and that is a nice feeling as is the protective feeling I get from him. It’s just the oddest relationship yet it is comfortable and fits well and I like it and am enjoying the hell out of the dance of the night.