Panic Over Seas

Long distance relationships can put a lot of pressure on you if you let them but they need not be stressful at all if you look at the relationship logically. The first thing you have to take into consideration is any children of either party and then you have to consider family.

I do not have to worry about family because they are all have passed and it’s me and my children. I do not want anyone to move to the states to be with me because they do not have to. If their work is overseas then it is best to live overseas for the most part and then one has to look at the taxes.

I wouldn’t want him to move here because I don’t want to live here, lol. I am moving after Ryan graduates and I want to live over seas somewhere or another country and I am leaning towards latino countries because of personal believes. I think it is best that we take this real slow and get to know each other.

Sometimes people panic and say things to keep the person in their life but they should be careful of their promises and statements. There is no reason we can’t spend time together on the weekends or when he is alone and when a little one is visiting, I do not or he doesn’t visit me.

I am not one to want to bring children into a relationship for quite some time because  the scares  kids have are deep already and I am not one to want to rattle anyone’s cage. Children get very protective of their opposite parent and I know my son is very protective of me.

The thing about kids is they tell everything and there are no secrets. When I was separated I tried to drive into the kids that my life was mine and do not go back to dad and tell him what I am doing, it is none of his business. Don’t you know they couldn’t wait to tell him every little thing I did.

I know there will be problems if things work out and the x always has their two cents to put into the jar. I have no interest in being a problem for anyone and I definitely do not deal with x wives. I didn’t know her before and I do not know what happened in their relationship nor do I care to want to really know.

I think if we can make it through the first six months then we are doing well enough to go to the next level if things are working for everyone involved. I am a giver and I will do what ever needs to be done to make my relationships happy for everyone.

I do not ever expect to be put before kids unless they are adults then that is a completely different situation. I know how important a child/father/mother relationship is and our children are only children once and how we act shapes their world. We have to always be mindful of our kids and if we are things will work out beautifully.

I can live anywhere and I can go long periods without seeing someone if we keep in contact by phone or computer and I also see a huge changing coming into his life which is employment related, how he brings in money will change drastically and he will do very well for himself.

I do not want him to support me or my children and the nicest gift he could ever give me is a house keeper for a month, lol. My back is so bad that it hurts so much to bend and pick up around the house. I want us both to feel that we have our freedom but we are also one and I know both of us will have to make sacrifices, but it’s one day at a time, baby.

We Want

Women generally to look for a man like their father and men do the same with their mothers. Men tend to prefer self reliant and confident women even if their mother wasn’t that way. Self confidence is a turn on because many do not have it.

I am self confidant because I have had to be and I am self reliant and want no one to take care of me. It’s nice to know that you have someone who will but to rely on them is to put yourself under another’s control, no thank you.

People have lost sight of what marriage is really about and to many give up and get divorced. I was separated for two years and we got back together, not out of love but more out of need. We needed each other and he really needed me.

I would never leave a relationship for another man because I think that ending the current relationship is hard enough without adding another to the mix, but that is just me.I think when you break up you should date people before you decide to settle with one.

It is said the second time around is the sweetest and I want to be damn sure before I m to anyone. I like to move slow in relationships because I want that relationship to have the best start as possible and I want to enjoy the person and learning about them.

I have never needed a man to feel whole but it is nice to have someone you can share ideas with and talk to about your troubles. I do not want someone to fix my shit, no I can do that but it is nice to have someone you trust that you can get feedback from.

The Final So Long

It’s always hard giving up on someone you love but sometimes it’s necessary for our own survival. Sometimes, I just want someone else to take care of me for a change, someone who wants to do something nice for me and someone who knows my true value as a person. It’s not easy moving on but sometimes, well sometimes.

I don’t want to hurt anyone but I can no longer continue to live the life I have been living. I want someone to care for me and only me, I don not want to be a thought or a picture I want to be held and loved the way my first true love treated me, we had so much fun and life was exciting.

I want someone to take care of me and I take care of them, a relationship that allows us to be ourselves, live separate and together lives. I do not want to control anyone and I do not want anyone trying to control me, I want to have someone to cheer on and watch grow and reach their full potential.

I really enjoy watching people reach their goals or their dreams come true, I really like seeing my friends do well and I am not jealous one bit, but honestly happy for them. It makes me happy to see others happy and I wish I could feel happy just for a day, just one day and that will happen eventually.

No matter how much you love someone if they don’t love you as much or more or won’t show you how they feel or come to you then you have nothing. It’s very painful to love someone and they are a ghost, a person never to show you themselves and spend their time with other women.

A man who says he hasn’t had sex in five years is a liar, the only exception is the widower who cannot even fathom replacing his spouse. I have a neighbor like that, his wife died seven years ago and he has dated a few times but he’s so hung up on his wife he really isn’t interested in anyone else.

I am completely opposite, my marriage was not a happy, loving and satisfying marriage in the least from day one until the day he died but we did build a fantastic friendship. Sometimes a great friendship out of a relationship is more important than a seriously in love relationship.

I waited for years but that has finally ran its course I want someone to laugh with, be silly with, someone to hug and kiss, someone to make fun of and laugh at and laugh with, someone to rub snow in their face, someone just to enjoy life with without all the bullshit that usually goes with a relationship, the jealousy, insecurity, lies and so on.

Long Distance

Long distant relationships take special people to make it work, that’s basically the only type of relationship I would feel comfortable with. I really don’t want someone coming over all the time as I have my son and this is our home and I am a very private person.

Being with someone 2-3 times a month would work for me just fine as long as we had other forms of communication. Sometimes, when you are just getting back into the dating scene, a long-term relationship works fine and for me it would be perfect. I cannot go anywhere until my son graduates and I will not uproot him.

I don’t think I would want to see anyone more than several times a month at this point in my life. I want to get to know someone slowly and that would be the best way for me. Long distant relationships show the real person in many ways, how they deal with anticipation, frustration, anger, resentment all these emotions come out over time.

I do not want to get married but would if it would help my husband out, I would do what I had to help him out with what little I have to offer. Sometimes people have long distant relationships because they are convenient for them or they fulfill the needs and sometimes they happen because there is no way the relationship could work any other way at that time.

If your love can withstand a long distant relationship and all the restraints on it, then you know you have something special, something long-lasting and something that will last a lifetime. I want a lifetime with someone, the man of my dreams, the man who holds my heart but I doubt it will ever happen and that hurts.

So Quickly

I just put my profile up on several sites this afternoon and I already have several fish on the hook! I honestly didn’t expect to get responses this quickly but it’s fun. I don’t find myself to attractive but I am sexy and sensual and that I am sure of, even if you think otherwise.

You have to have confidence in yourself and feel good about yourself no matter what your body size is. My beauty is inside and I am a beautiful person and so are you. I will not let anyone tear me down and make me feel less than I am. I have had to fight my way the last six years and I’m pretty stable finally.

I really need a distraction and I really do not want to hear his voice, just do me and go-sometimes it’s best that way but men, they always want to hang around. They don’t get the hint you just want to fuck them and push them out the door. That’s exactly how I feel about men at this point in my life.

Satisfy me and go because I am so sick of the insecure, have to control relationship types and I do not have the time to waste with their blubbering and wailing like a child when I tell them goodbye. I cannot see myself in a long term relationship for someone, quite sometime to be exact.

I’m sick of talking to stupid men and men trying to rip me off. I had one guy write me a quote to lay some carpeting, this asswipe wants $17.00 an hr but didn’t put how many hours it was going to take him. Daaahhhhh, like I’m a stupid cunt right? This shit pisses me off because it insults my intelligence.


Forget It

I was going to go to NY but I see no reason to spend money to meet someone that works until 8 p.m. and has no time for me anyway. He just wanted to get laid and that is just wrong as far as I am concerned and I was not good enough to stay with him and he doesn’t have a car.

This is not the type of person for me not at all and I am glad I have walked away from that situation. I want a relationship and I want to meet someone that is ready for a relationship but not necessarily ready to jump in head first.

I’m in no hurry to get involved with anyone but if you are reeling from a bad relationship then I am not the person to pick up those pieces. I have picked up my own life’s pieces and I am ready to move on but not desperate and not jumping in.

I have learned to be more cautious which I have demonstrated by changing my mind about NY. I do not want to be someones fuck and good time, no I am not going to be either. As far as “him” well he is no more and never will be again.

I miss him but one must do what is best for themselves and that is what I am doing. It would have been nice if we had met and found out if there was a mutual attraction but we did not and that is just the way it went. I still believe God has meant for us to be together but I no longer wait for him and will never wait for anyone again.

When you wait for three years and there is no meeting then it’s time to shelf it and I have had no choice but to do just that. I just move through the days and do what I must but I still have days that I am down in mouth so to speak.

I wish to no longer wish to meet him or waste time thinking about what could have been or could be but that will never happen so do what makes me happy and makes me feel good about myself. He no longer rules my decisions as you can see by me almost going to NY.

At this point Im looking for a guy friend, someone to hang with and have fun with, I so like men and get along with them so much better then women. It would be nice to hook up with someone and just be friends without the expectation of sex.

I do not want a relationship based on great sex alone and I want to have a meeting of the minds if that is possible. Fucking is not something you base a relationship on as even sex does tend to get old with the same person after awhile.

I tried so hard to liven up Bob’s and I sex life but he was so rigid there was no excitement allowed, no he just wanted to cum and go. There was no cuddling, kissing or touching and I was always left feeling empty and alone.

I want a rich relationship, rich in communication and love one that is all encompassing and consuming on both parts. Someone that will take the time to understand and to listen and who let’s the kid out and loves to laugh and share.

I do not want the perfect relationship, no I want the arguments and disagreements because that is what builds a relationship, how you deal with disagreements. I’m so go with the flow most of the time but there are times I put my foot down and you cannot budge me.

Maybe one day I will find my soul mate and we will live happily ever after and enjoy our lives together but as for now, things are just go from day to day with uneventful moments through out the day and court of course. I will have my record wiped clean come December which is a good thing.



I am starting to understand how the dating process works these days and wow have they changed considerably in the last twenty years. Things are all about sex and that is the beginning of conversations and then you move on to the get to know you phase.

This is all quite backwards to me but I am finding it fun non the less. I don’t know if he realizes I am kidding with him most of the time but I wish I could see his face for his reactions. I’m sure he thinks I’m an arrogant bitch but I do not mean a single thing I type.

I am just messing with him and I think he is starting to pick up on when I’m joking as I am getting more lol’s out of him which means he is understanding my lack of seriousness in our conversations. I’m glad I  can make him laugh and make him feel care free because I know I do.

He needs just to relax and I think I help him accomplish that, at least I hope I do. I think he works way to much and I think he hides in his work as most workaholics do. His hours may be part of his job but he needs to be good to himself.

I’m starting to believe that he has feelings for me and I like talking to him, I can read him very well which is odd but I can tell when he is stressed out and tired. I’m really looking forward to meeting him and just relaxing together and talking and sleeping.

I know I should be excited about sex but I’m not for some reason I’m more interested in knowing about him and making his body and mind relaxed. I really am looking forward to bathing him and lieing in bed together just touching each other.

I know that is being quite idealistic but sometimes two people can communicate so well just by touching and even though we both have a huge sex drive I really look forward to simple times and relaxing. I know that sounds boring as hell but it can be quite nice.

I’m not going to see much of him as it is so I am not interested in going to any place we cannot talk and get to know each other. He seems like a real nice guy and I really like his voice as it is manly yet boyish which I like. He seems to be getting used to talking to me more and he even offered to talk to me after he jacked off but I knew he needed to unwind.

I get the feeling he contacts me as soon as he walks in his door and that’s a nice feeling, real nice feeling. It’s nice to get to know someone without seeing them then there are no preconceived notions and I do not care what he looks like.

He’s tall and I like that, the men in my family were tall and they made me feel safe and protected so I guess that’s the attraction to height. The 28th can’t get here soon enough for me and that is something I am not used to. I am not used to looking forward to something and I like it, I like it a lot.