Great Sex

How many people have experienced great sex, fantastic sex, the kind of sex that you fall back covered in  sweat and panting like a dog sex?Speaking for myself I have had the best damn sex that anyone could ever experience, yes I experienced all in my own mind.

I write a blog called and I express every sexual dream I have. I am very open and honest but I have yet to meet a man who has made me sweaty let alone overwhelmed sexually. Many women lose sight of how it was in the beginning of their relationship. Most are filled with lots of hot, steamy sex and the relationship ends up in a puddle of lukewarm water.

Maybe I am over sexed for a female but I think of passion when I think of sex, I think of romance too. Sex is just sex without emotion and when you love someone sex is so wonderful. I cannot do one night stands and never see the person again, that just isn’t me. What I would give for an evening of hot, sweaty, sweet sex.