This week all over the television is talk about Kim and Kanya’s wedding and I think it is just gross. He looks like a baboon’s ass and cannot sing and she is nothing but a huge ass and tits and known for just that. Kanye makes me sick and always has because he is so damn arrogant and when he pulled that shit at the music awards sealed his fate with me.

Why in the hell is she celebrating her third wedding as if she is a virgin? She doesn’t invoke jealousy but instead she makes me want to puke. Why are the people of France and Italy so excited to have these two people in their country? They think being wealthy is all that and to waste so much money just to have your name in lights is seriously sad.

These people are exactly why rich people are looked upon as assholes because their behavior is disguesting at best. If you are a fan of these people then that says so much about you. I wouldn’t attend their wedding if they begged me and I surely do not understand why they are making such a big deal about their wedding to begin with.