Some Things Are Just Funny

I think the one thing that makes everyone laugh is when someone farts. I think it is hilarious especially when I am the one doing the “every step farting”. The kids and I let em lose all the time and we always laugh. I cannot think of anything else that makes me laugh like farting.

  We have so many different kinds of farts and some are seriously dangerous. That silent but deadly a.k.a. as the sbd fart is the one that is a killer when in a closed area like a car or elevator. Then we have the wet one that always leaves a bit of itself behind and then you have those “little poppers” that are short but loud enough to make their presence known.

You cannot tell me you are not laughing as you read this because farts are funny and all of us laugh. First we laugh at the sound and then when the odor is real pungent we begin to laugh again. I just crack up and can’t help myself and no I do not feel sorry for the guilty one, because  most of the time it’s me, lol.


Where Am I

Where am I now? I do not know and I have no idea where I am headed but I wish I could be saved from the loneliness and emptiness. My life is so mundane, so vanilla and so boring as hell. There are no moments of laughter or happiness, there are no moments of contentment and inner peace.

Sometimes I feel like walking off the diving board into an empty pool that is twenty feet deep. I am so tired of fighting to survive and I am so fed up with everyone’s lies. What I ask for is way too much I guess a simple hug a simple kiss it’s just to much to ask for.

He’s says we will be together and we both know that’s a lie so why does he keep saying it? I will always wonder why, I need to laugh just a little laughter once in a while I just need a hug once in a while too. I feel as if I am supposed to make others happy while denying myself the same pleasure.

He says he loves me, well if he really did he would leave my life the way he came in. He says these lies and hurts me so but he still continues with his disguise. Does he love me? No, well maybe as a friend but nothing more and if he does he needs to prove it because I am not feeling it.

Where Is The Laughter

It’s so quiet around the house and there is no laughter, Ry made me laugh and I miss him so much. He will possibly be transferred to another mental health facility for possibly up to ten days. If I refuse to pick him up from the hospital he will be going to a shelter and I cannot let that happen.

I’m so afraid to bring him home and he may try suicide again so I do not know what to do, I just cannot let my child go into a shelter until they can find him a home and if they did find him a home I am afraid that he will kill himself. I want my baby home and this is so hard for me.

This is the time I need “him” I wish he were here to hold me and make me feel something besides sadness, I am a good mom but sometimes I feel like a huge failure. So where has all the laughter gone? Will it ever return to my life? Am I ever going to be with the one I love or is that a pipe dream?

I’m pretty much stuck until after Christmas as I have a court date the end of this month and the end of December to wipe my record clean. Then I will have my life back finally and I can breathe slightly.

A Little Bit Crazy

Yes, that is how people define me but they tend to leave out the little bit and go straight to crazy, my friends and I are always laughing because I am the true asshole that you look at when you’re in a restaurant in a bad mood and say “what the fuck is she so damn happy about?”.

Ya I do crazy shit but that’s me, if I gotta pee, I’m peeing right where I stand, like I did when I was maid of honor for a friend. Her dad and I were pounding down seven and sevens and I had to pee really bad so I was heading out to my car to grab some smokes and got caught in “mill traffic”.

The guys/gals working the midnight shift at the steelmill, well I was stuck in the middle of the road and that was all she wrote. I lifted my dress slightly, spread my legs and peed for like five minutes and yes, it felt good damn good. 

The pantyhose were removed and the shoes were emptied of my sterile body fluids that were no longer sterile. Yes, my girlfriend laughed until she peed herself, so you see everyone had a good time and that’s how I am when I go out.

I’m crazy, free, silly, embarrassing, lovable, wild, insane, a leader into trouble, yes that is me and I will not apologize for my unacceptable behavior as I kind of like it and so do my friends and kids. I like to laugh in fact I like to laugh a lot.

You have to love to be a kid and be yourself if you want to hang with this one here because I can’t deal with depressed and downer people who will never laugh at themselves and can find not one ounce of joy in life, hey I have been there and I am not wanting to go back.

If you’re depressed then I am your solution as I will make you laugh yourself sick, especially if you are really down. I got what ails ya babe and I am so looking forward to fun fun fun and maybe more fun. I am feeling great and giddy, which is all good with me.

The First Time

My trip to NY is back on and I am so looking forward to it, I really am as I am starving for adult conversations and sharing time with another as I have been so lonely. I have no doubt that we will be having fantastic sex but I do not want that to be the number one attraction.

I want to do simple things in hidden away places as I do not want anyone interrupting my time with him. I may not know him but to have time with another adult, especially a male makes me excited. I haven’t spent any time with a man in so long and I crave it so.

He is starting to talk to me like he should and I do not feel trashy like I did when we first started talking. He is going to be quite amazed at how his body reacts when he is with me. He can forget all mind control because he will cum so fast he will be shocked.

He wants to be with me sexually so bad but he has never been with someone like me and if he has it’s been few and far between. I take romance very seriously and I like to take my time and make the person feel special because they are.

He is going to be very happy that is for sure because we are going to just enjoy each other so much. We will spend a lot of time laughing and having a good time. I’m so easy to please as I do not require much to make me happy.

I wish we would have a nice big bathtub for both of us to be together but I will be happy with a bed with clean sheets. I do not require much and I am not to picky when it comes to hotels as I know they are all nasty when you come down to it.

I am so looking forward to this trip and I really need it badly as I have had a hell of a time the last year and one half. Things have been rough and it’s time for Kimberly to take a breather and just relax and enjoy herself for a change.

I do not want him to feel like he has to keep me entertained every minute that we are together as just being together will be enough. I hope he is looking forward to my visit as much as I am and I think it will be good for him as well as myself.

I hope he doesn’t put on airs and pretend to be someone he isn’t because he is getting me, the real me and nobody else. So this will be as good as it gets and there will be no show, just plain old me and I am not that plain but a bit crazy, in fact a lot crazy and I love to laugh.