The Him

He’s a perfect dime, a perfect ten in my eyes, no he is not perfect but I prefer to look at the good side of him instead of the bad, and yes he is a bad boy, a very bad boy indeed. He’s got the most engaging smile and bright green eyes, he’s got a well manicured goatee which makes his lips kissable to me.

He is tall and that makes me feel safe and he is just a big kid at heart, a little boy inside that is gifted in so many ways. He’s very sensual and sexual and he has a huge sexual appetite that he can never satisfy with the right woman. He doesn’t bed a woman every night as he is to dedicated to his position in life.

I just wonder if I will ever be in his arms, am I in his dreams? Does he think about me? I wish I had answers to all these questions so I would know what direction to go in in my life. I am not on hold because of him but if he plans on being part of my life then it would be kind of nice if I knew.

All Thumbs

All Thumbs

So how many of you enjoy foreplay as much as the dirty deed itself? Why do people let sex turn into boring and a “job”. 

Making love is something special between two people and fucking is what you do to enhance your sexual desire for one another.

That’s when you need to introduce a threesome, yes I do believe an occasional threesome can really keep a relationship lively.

I do not find anything dirty or wrong about bringing a third party into the bedroom and enjoying each other physically. People treat sex like it is something dirty and parents don’t bother to talk to their children about the subject.

I seem to be a woman that is unique in her thinking but I assure you there are plenty of women that think like me. We like to get “freaky” because we know something the younger gals do not know. We are experienced and we know how to keep our home a happy one.

I really want to be in love and I do believe it’s about to happen but if it doesn’t it doesn’t and if that is the case I swear I am going to beat the shit out of him. I really do not want to get physical with him but if I must kick his ass then so be it.