Kissing is an art that I have found most people do not possess. You do not suck the other person’s lips into your mouth or have sloppy wet lips that want to devour have of ones face. Kissing requires most lips, slowly kissing the neck and ear, the side of the face over to the lips.

The kiss should possess power yet be gentle, demanding but in a needy way and the kiss should involve the dance of the tongues. Kissing is what makes love-making so powerful, exciting, and memorable. A great kisser is hard to find and it is also hard to find someone who enjoys kissing.

I enjoy kissing so much as I let my hands run over the tight ass and thighs, the groin and the chest. I get so turned on kissing and touching because the excitement is so heightened. I miss kissing so much and it’s the one thing I can’t do to myself, where is my great kisser?