Ok You Win

Some people treat love as if it is a win or lose game and it has nothing to do with winning or losing. Some people like to say they won an argument and it makes them feel superior. Relationships are about give and take, understanding and feeling secure, there is nothing worse than a relationship where one is insecure.

You must be able to trust your partner and accept how they live their life and they must respect the same in you. I think long distance relationships can work if the two have trust and some of us cannot help but trust another. I know quite a bit about trust and it is amazing how someone can really let you down and we still have trust in them.

If you are in my life then I trust you  because I have a very small social circle because I do not trust many people and I am quite happy in that area of my life. I look at relationships in an open light because if you cheat on me keep going because if you were happy with me to begin with you wouldn’t be looking elsewhere.

I want people to be happy because life is so much easier when you are happy. I am not happy but I am not terribly unhappy since I got Khloe. I rescued her from the pound and I am not a cat person but she is easy to care for, I will be picking up my yorkie boys this morning and I am happy when I think about those two little shits.

I am happy with my pets more so than most people because I am hope all day and I play with them so much. I should be focusing on “C” but sometimes you meet someone and you have such a friendship connection that sex isn’t thought about. I think that is where “C and I are.

What I was mistaking as “C” falling in love with me I think is actually this awesome friendship like I haven’t had in a real long time. Some people may think it is weird that we can lie naked together and he could bathe me and there is no sex involved. We just click on a different level I think.

I think we both like kissing and lieing together naked and it is like something both of us need, nor more no less. If you know me than you can understand that me being naked most of the time at home is a way of life for me. Yes, I grab a robe now when someone knocks at the door.

Once you are used to someone who is naked most of the time what others would think is terrible is common place with them. I do not walk around naked in front of strangers or my friends because that would make them feel uncomfortable. Being naked is such a free feeling as free as someone feels jumping out of a plane and hearing complete silence except for the wind.

Your Smiling

I know you are smiling as you read what I have written because you are like that, someone who lies low and makes plans to surprise someone, I know you are like that. This is a very special time in our lives and the time is finally perfect for our paths to cross.

We will find most of the answers we have been looking for, for so very long and I think we will find what we both have wanted and needed. We are one you and I and no amount of distance and no lies can change that, we are meant to be together forever and I believe this.

I honestly do not know where we are headed because I am not so sure you are capable of a committed relationship. I do not know if one woman could ever be enough for you or if you are capable of loving just one and being faithful.

These are questions I need answered and no, I do not and cannot play the sharing game. If you need another woman then you do not need me I have laid out my yellow summer dress and my white lace panties and that is what I will be wearing with my sunglasses of course.

I do hope we meet and we find what we both feel to be real and true and I want to kiss you and make love to you and show you how I really feel, which can only be done through making love.I so want to be happy as you do and I do hope this time is ours.