Blue Bro’s

If you can remember the blues brothers then you surely saw “Animal House”. That movie covered every no no there was, nudity, racism and so on but it was a great movie. I still miss the “man” speed balling is a terrible way to die but he chose it and we no longer have his great comedic personality.


I’m Telling

LOL, wouldn’t you love to know who this rich and famous person is that is a closet creep? LOL, he is very famous all over the world, has a bronze statue made of himself by a city, known as a real attractive, rich guy, has a sensitive side, an accomplished scammer and pathological liar.

When these type of people go through a divorce they are forced to give up millions, maybe even billions and that cramps their lifestyle. They paint a picture of living as a pauper giving everything they earn to the care of their soon to be x and the kids. They run in a ritzy circle of the elite and he plays the rich games.

He donated the winnings which had a two-fold effect-his at that time soon to be x gets pissed off because she can’t touch donated money and two it makes him look like the image he has portrayed for years. A damn smart move from where I sit but he has become so jaded and he is not being who is supposed to be.

I have no idea why he has latched on to me because I have no use for a man who has more miles on his penis than Air International. I used to want to be with him but then I found out who he really was and slowly I have lost interest in him. I know that sounds odd but I am a very simple person who lives a simple life and I plan on living that way forever.

He on the other hand probably has someone wipe his ass for him because he isn’t shy as he makes out to be. Maybe he is interested in someone who has no interest in him because it’s a challenge for him. Life has gotten stodgy for him lately I assume and he hangs onto me for shits and giggles.

I wish he would go get married or something stupid like that so he would keep himself busy. I hope he marry’s someone really jealous because he likes his freedom so much and a jealous woman would make him crazier than he already is. The best thing that could happen to him is getting his peter caught in the zipper of his jeans.

Just for the record, I do have one asshole in my pants already and I do not need another-;)

Crack In The Mirror

Hey there


I am looking 

at you and 

Who do I see

Hello mirror

Mirror, it’s only



Sadness at 


I have given

To all the 


Takers and 


No miracle 


No players like the


Mirror mirror

On the wall

You have a huge


No it’s not


I see the crack

Run through my


And I see

Much disgrace


Discarded and 


By most

It’s such 

A shame

I will a be

Your host.