The Man In Me

Men are taught not to cry and if they are taught that it’s acceptable, society blows that thought pattern right out of their minds. Men are not emotional creatures usually and when they are in a relationship they do not look at it the same way a woman looks at it. Men tend to look at life logically and women emotionally.

Men generally do not understand women because of the emotional aspect of the relationship. Women are emotional because that is where we draw our strength from. We raise our children with love and empathy while dad’s tend to raise their children to be sports oriented and non emotional.

Men do not hug and kiss their children the way women do and emotions are so powerful that we tend to go to mom for most of our lives. Mom’s cooking sets the bar for many relationships, yes food has a very strong influence on us and how we engage with others. There is no one like mom and mom’s advice tends to be wanted daily.

I am a very emotional person, too emotional in fact but that is my make up and I cannot change that. I totally understand a man’s desire to have sex often. Men are here to procreate and there is no two ways about that, a man is supposed to plant his seed in the woman. Sex is demanded in a man’s mind because just like the dolphin they enjoy it.

Sex should be fun and exciting for all involved and experimenting keeps the bedroom playtime fun and fresh. So many women frown at experimenting or wearing sexy lingerie, they are shocked if their man wants to bring a third-party into the mix and going down on a man is just for the pre-marriage phase.

The problem with relationships is people act one way to get you and then once they have you they stop doing what caught you to begin with. When people are in a relationship they feel secure and get lax when it comes to keeping life fun and exciting. Sex is the most important part of any relationship and do not fool yourself ladies and thing otherwise.