Tattoo Me

I have wanted to get a tattoo for about a year now and I still cannot think of what I want tattooed on my body. It has to be something I will like thirty years from now, that’s if I live that long. I am not afraid of the pain as the amount of pain is based on the part of the body that is tattooed.

No, I am not into tattooing my crotch or boobs, I want a piece of art for all to see, something that I am really proud of and something colorful. Color fades over time and it needs to be redone but I don’t care because pushing fifty three next week has awoken me up to where I am at in my life.

I am nowhere, that is where I am and I feel like I am spinning my wheels in a Michigan snow storm. I can’t wait to be on my own and my kids doing well on theirs. I just want to get on with things and move on in my time before it gets away from me. I just want what everyone else does, to be happy.

I do not know why life is the way it is but it’s time for me to be happy for a change, enjoy the holidays again and enjoy life again. It’s been such a very long time since I have experienced happiness that I don’t know how I would react to such an uncommon phenomenon in my life.


I wonder what the weather is like in France, I wonder if it is like Michigan is in the fall season. I wonder if France is as romantic as they say or if all of that is just myth. The man that stole my heart is in France right now as he lives there and here as well. He travels extensively and seems to be going in a new direction.

Why he won’t come to me I do not know but it’s starting to piss me off. Why read everything I right and keep looking at my pictures if you have no plans to meet me. Why don’t you just stay out of my life and let me be happy, as happy as you are? What am I just a sideline of entertainment for you?

You know my birthday is coming up and I bet you have no plans of seeing me then either. What do you want? Are you seriously that happy just reading my blog and oggling my pictures? Is that how you find your happiness? Your pleasure? How sad if that is true because I am all that I claim to be and so much more.

I do not want to pose for pictures with you or have to deal with photographers, I prefer a nice quiet existance of just two people being happy together. I guess you and AB are just doing so swell that you don”t need a real woman like me, you settle for what is comfortable and easy.

Beautiful Day

It’s such a beautiful day, it’s one of those days that the breeze is warm and it’s not to hot out, one of those days that you want to whirl in a circle outside with your head tilted back and feeling wonderful.

It’s the kind of day you can hug yourself and smile because you’re thinking of someone special and how good it will feel wh their arms are around you. It’s the kind of day you wear jeans and cowboy boots and kick at the dirt as you are thinking of that special person.

I do so hope this trip is fun and exciting as I need fun and excitement for a change and I am so wanting to feel his arms around me. Hopefully, I no longer will have to dream of his warm body next to mine, but finally feel it. I believe what I feel is real and I believe we belong together but only time will tell.

I bet Albany is just beautiful this time of year because Michigan sure is and the weather, well this is just perfect weather and I wish I were fishing right about now. It’s just such a beautiful day and I am so relaxed and that is how I plan to be my entire vacation.

I already know Shelby will be calling me telling me that Ryan isn’t picking up, typical kid stuff that will stop when she is in college so I hope. It won’t be long before they are both gone so a phone call or two is welcome at this point in my life.

A perfect day tomorrow would be taking off on time, getting my luggage and making it to the hotel, Mr. Joe shows up and is waiting in the lobby for me, we have a light lunch and go to my room and drop off my luggage and go for a walk and just talk.

Then go back to my room and talk some more until I no longer can keep my hands off of him and I make the first move. If I do that, that will be something because I’m shy, really I am very shy but I think my body has a mind of it’s own these days and will attack him like a tigress, lol.

Signature Required

My son suffers from debilitating migraine headaches and there are no medications available to him that help him at all. I am a compassionate person and mother and as a mother it is my responsibility to help my child at any cost.

We have had several in depth discussions regarding compassionate medical care which is smoking medical marijuana. As a parent do I ignore my child’s relentless suffering or do I help him obtain a legal medical marijuana card?

Doctors are so against marijuana but they push damaging pharmaceuticals without any problem as they usually get kick backs from the company’s. In Michigan we cannot even sue a pharmaceutical company for damages caused by their medications even though they are well aware of the side effects.

My daughter is a perfect example of what gardisil can do and did to her as she passed out and snapped her jaw off her face. She had to have emergency surgery to wire her mouth shut after her surgery and yes she did get compensated only because the government makes these company’s set a fund aside for “compensation”.

So here I am with a child that has terrible migraines and has bipolar disorder and M.M. could help him so much instead of all the poison both of us are putting in our bodies and the side effects could literally kill us. Our meds cannot be stopped dead, no you must slowly cut back on the milligrams until you are off completely.

So here I sit going back and forth in my mind what should I do for the best of my child? How much fighting am I going to have to do to get him a card? How much bullshit is the dr. going to give me and me telling him straight away I do not like the poisons being put in his body?

What is a mother to do? Only the best thing she thinks for her child that is what a mother is to do.