Myself Lost

I am so completely lost in my own life and have not a clue where I am heading. One would think at my age I would have all the answers and know where I want to go. I do not, I am completely and utterly lost at this point in my life and all the changes keep on happening so I can never adjust.

I would love nothing more than to live on a small farm with my pets away from people. I have found I like my own company more than other people’s. I am so comfortable by myself and in my own home that I have no desire to go anywhere else right now. I love to travel but I just can’t afford it.

I need to get through these next several years and when the kids are gone is when I will make whatever moves are necessary or desirable. I am so glad I am not a woman who needs company or a man to make her complete. I get lonely but I have survived quite nicely without a man.

I will one day find all that I have dreamed for but in the mean time I am just trying to get past the manure pile of my life and dump the unnecessary crap. It is hard work to clean yourself up and dust yourself off and it takes years to shed the old skin and let the new one shine brightly.


The Silly In Me

Have you ever been in a restaurant with someone and the conversation went flat? Neither of you speaking but looking out the window or at the other patrons? I think this has happened to all of us at one time or another, these are the moments I absolutely love because that is when I do really stupid shit.

I have been known to pick up the paper napkin and tear a whole in the center of it and stick my tongue through it at the person I am with. I do not care if I know them or not it breaks up the dead silence and both of us ended up laughing. That is the kind of silly that is harmless and fun.

Being silly keeps us young at heart and adventurous and it’s just plain fun, sometimes reality is much better than to have to be drunk or high to enjoy it. I am silly and love being that way and I do hope you enjoy my knock off pic of the adams family, it, remember it? Ok so I don’t look as good as him, o fuck yourself I look better, lol.

Play Politics

This world was once ran by someone you knew but now it’s not only who you know but who you blow. I listen to the debates and it’s clear that Obama is going to win again. Does this make me happy, no but the lesser of two evils is the choice.

Does it really matter who gets in? It’s not like out vote has anything to do with it, the electoral college basically does that. We vote just so the people “think” they have a say, we have nothing unless we fight tooth and nail to get it.

Politicians are basically stupid fucks that are always looking at the bottom line. They don’t care how their actions will affect others. I love how our president is getting a blowjob in the oval office, hell aint that precious-he can say “I’m the only man to get a bj in the oval office and stupid enough to get caught”.
When a man let’s his penis betray him than he is a real idiot, like it or not condom will save child support payments. To many girls live a fantasy life and get knocked up just to get married, I know that is so lame but they can’t help themselves.

A smart man flushed that used condom down the toilet that way he knows he hasn’t left evidence around that she could easy insert into her vagina and get pregnant. It used to be an embarrassment to be pregnant so young but now it’s like it’s normal.

One thing I have noticed is divorced women with kids are really gun hoe looking for a new husband. I don’t know if it’s because it is so difficult or she was used to the second paycheck, but it is happening a lot.

I know a lady that her husband died last year and she has already remarried. I cannot understand that because the thought of marriage scares the hell out of me. I just cannot imagine walking down an aisle without turning around and running like hell.

I am a very difficult person to live with as my multi faceted personality. I am basically an easy going person that goes with the flow but when i do not agree with something I stand my ground and can be quite stubborn.

There comes a time when the right person comes into your view and you must grab the moment as the moments are limited. Why deprive both of you what is meant to be? What are you afraid of? Take a change you have nothing to lose.

Be a man and take me out for my birthday, do you think you can do that or is that out of the question as well?




You Are A Mess

When are you going to get your shit together and be a man? You and AB are going nowhere fast and you damn well know it so quit playing mind games with yourself. I have lost all respect for you as a person and feel sorry for you because you are more fucked up than I could ever think of being.

You IM to help you jack off, want to see my tits and your bitch is sitting at home with her belly full of you. I must say that was the final stab to the heart and the twist and further push. You really know how to hurt someone don’t you, thanx-so have the love birds set the day to get married?

Like divorce that much do ya? good luck enjoy your new family AND NEVER EVER FUCKING CONTACT ME AGAIN MOTHER FUCKER