Giving In

It’s so easy to give in to what the body desires especially when it involves another person. We get so wrapped up in another person that we want to be with them as much as possible and we will jump into bed with them because we equate sex with love. Sex and love are not one but so many women  believe this to be true. If you have sex within the first month of seeing someone you have a huge chance of breaking up within a year.

I will not ride that ride with a man for more than a month when I first start dating him because you need to feel comfortable with that person and it does take about a month before you reach that point. I also must feel comfortable to have an orgasm and I believe sex should be satisfying and enjoyable and yes it can be awkward but when you feel comfortable with the person sex is so much more satisfying.

I am currently dating two men and I have made it clear that I will not have sex with them until I feel comfortable and that is not what they want of course. If you want to be with me then you have to be with me on my terms and I am not going to be a flash in the pan for any man. I think women devalue themselves when they give sex to quickly in a relationship but women have learned that men want sex and they confuse love and sex.

I value myself to much to be a semen depository for a man who I may never see again or only see as long as I am giving him what he wants physically. Now foreplay is something totally different and you can have foreplay without sex and both people can be satisfied. Foreplay is so underrated and so many people do not know how to engage in foreplay as they go right to the act of sex.

I think engaging in foreplay builds a trust between people and it helps us get over that uneasiness when we actually do have sex. Touching and caressing is so important to me because it makes me feel closer to the person beyond the physical. Touching a person’s soul is important to me and that connection doesn’t easily happen but when you feel you have reached beyond the physical and have touched that person then you will be so much happier or so I believe.

When I do have sex with a man I will see him and him alone and no I will not be having sex with anyone else but him. I am not a desperate woman who will sell herself short because she is in financial need or wants to get married. I have done the marriage thing and I do believe that two people can be one without marriage and if things work out fine I will remarry but I am in no hurry as I do not feel the need to have marriage in my life, just monogamy.