Moving On

When you lose your spouse to death only you and you alone can decide when it is best for you to start dating. It isn’t an easy decision because you are dealing with left over emotions from your marriage. Some people can move on rather quickly because they cannot stand being alone and need the company of another on a regular basis and then there are those that never move onto another relationship.

I have seen people remarry as soon as six months after they have lost their spouse and they tend to do very well with their new spouse and their life together. I have a neighbor Mike who lost his wife a decade ago and he attempted to date but it just wasn’t for him. Unfortunately, he had to put his dog down and losing your spouse and your dog well that just totally sux.

I have had people ask me when will I start dating and I just say I do not know because it is none of their business that I have already dated here and there. I do not like anyone knowing my business but my neighbors are so damn nosey I have to watch every move I make. When I was seeing “C” I would park my car in the driveway and have him park in the garage so my neighbors wouldn’t know I had a visitor.

I think it is best to keep your private life private until you are really comfortable in your relationship with another then go ahead and introduce that person to your friends and eventually your family if you think the relationship will stand the test of time. It is always best not to introduce the one you are dating to your kids until you feel that the relationship is a strong one.

Moving On

I am so glad I have deleted most of my profiles from the dating sites and the ones I have missed don’t matter anyway. Zack just drove home what assholes are out there and I am sick to death of all the bullshit. I have bigger fish to fry and I started in the study today.

I tried to get a new sliding glass door up on the closet but since my shoulder is still messed up I didn’t accomplish it. I dove into the study and started packing up junk in there and I do not have enough garbage cans for all the junk I am throwing out.

I ran across an advertisement for prosthetics and my husband was used to promote the company. I looked at his picture and the determination on his face was so telling. I hate looking at his picture because all I see is his last days in bed.

 I am ready to move on and get involved with someone but it will happen when it is suppose to and not a minute sooner. Zack is definitely not for me and I do not care if we ever speak again because he crossed the immature line of using “my meds” as a dig.

I just want to be accepted for myself without dealing with the immature bullshit but that just doesn’t seem to be happening. Then I have mar who is another piece of work who plays games and I don’t care to chat with him either. He contacted me yesterday and I felt that I had to respond so all I said was gm-good morning.

Men can be such pain in the asses and they act like little boys more often than not. Just because you have a dick and balls do not make you a man but they sure seem to think so. I am finding most of them have a scrotum but wear their balls hanging from their ears.