I was raised by my grandparents and they  were from Kentucky. They were typical southern baptists and yes they take singing at mass very important. Music moves us no matter what the lyrics.

I can remember the arms reaching to heaven, fainting, sweating and a lot of hurray’s. Music was based on the gospel and Elvis Presley made it quite famous. He took the gospil and sang it with vim and vigor.



Music Monday

I am starting a “Music Monday” where I will post a new song or songs to open your world up to something you may like or are moved by. The songs will cover all genre’s so I am sure you will not care for some of the songs but at least listen to the lyrics instruments and beat  before you leave 🙂



The Music

I love music and from morning until night I am listening to all kinds from all ethnicities and it moves me in the way I need at that time. Music can say so much by saying nothing at, you just have to listen with your eyes closed you will hear and feel the beauty of the melody.

I envision myself in my black negligee dance hand in hand with the one I love and we are swirling and twirling in my bedroom, it is so romantic, a moment I wish to hold onto even though it is nothing more than a vision. Sometimes, that is all we do have to hold onto but it gets us through.

Happy To Be Me

I used to be very unhappy with who I am and I didn’t appreciate my own worth but that has changed. .Today, I woke up realizing that I am one hell of a great person that has way to much to offer to just anybody.

Yes, I am blowing my own horn because it has taken 53 yrs. to feel this good about myself and no one is going to rain on my parade, in fact rain on it because I dance in the rain and smile and laugh while doing it.

God put me here for reasons only he knows and he works through me as I am his instrument, as all of us our. Some of us have more “duties’ than others and I am one of those people without regret.

I have finally accepted what will be will be and no amount of crying, screaming or yelling is going to change that. I have to be the leader of my own band and yes I fall and bleed but I get back up a bit wiser and stronger each time.

I can honestly say the next relationship I am involved in will make one happy man because I take care of my men very well, more than they can even believe or expect and that makes me appreciated.

I am finally strong enough to walk away from what doesn’t enrich my life and I am walking into the arms of someone who will appreciate what I have to offer. I will find the love and happiness I am deserving and time will take care of all for me.