Escape To Fantasy Land

I have been diving into a fantasy land to escape the pain of what has been going on with my son. I escape into a dream like state and I am standing on a balcony with the chiffon dress blowing in the breeze. It is white and see through and as he walks up behind me, he caressed my breast tenderly and caring.

He kisses my neck every so slowly and works down to my should blade. He leads me to the bed and sits me down and removes his clothes. We lie side by side holding hands and talking, I turn to face him and put my knee on his thigh and my head on his chest.

We speak quietly about the days events and we have no desire for sex, just intimacy. It’s the moments of intimacy that build the relationship, not the moments of sex. When people realize intimacy is needed so badly they will find that they are much happier.