Never Nope Never

When you love someone or think that you love them you never forget that person no matter what. You can date other people but that one person well that one person stays with you no matter what. You think of that person even if someone else has your interest at the time and you cannot stop thinking no matter what, you never forget about them nope you never do.

That person may not know that they have been the object of your affection or maybe they do but they do not know that they hold a place in your heart and always will. They have no way of knowing that they are special to you and they have no way of knowing that they are the dream that you continue to dream about, the person that they want to be with no matter who they are with at that time.

That very special person has no way of knowing that if they walked into your life that you would drop everything and everybody else. To let someone know your true feelings is so very hard to do and opening up to that person is so damn risky for fear of getting rejected. That one special person is always with you even when you do not want their presence, they are just always there and you never forget them, nope and you never ever will forget them because they belong in your life.