It’s a crisp fall morning and I am lieing naked on his chest with my hand on his bare thigh. We lie there and he has his hand on my back rubbing my but and he begins to kiss me slowly and so gently. He slowly moves me onto my back and spreads my legs and his body is lieing in between my legs.

He places his head on my chest and I run my fingers through his hair and we are so relaxed and enjoying the cool sheets and the warmth of our bodies. It’s moments like these that make a relationship what it is, it’s the quiet times, the moments of just lieing next to each other without saying a word.

When two people can lie next to each and feel at peace and content I’d have to label that pretty special and if he feels that way when he is with her then he should stay with her, that is if there is a her. I have no idea and it isn’t fair or right to do this to me.