My hand is gently touching the side of your face, slowly sliding down your neck. I am looking deep into your eyes as I raise my other hand and start to unbutton your shirt. I remove your shirt from your shoulders and let it fall freely to the floor as you stand staring back at me.

I undo your belt, unzip and unbutton your pants and let them fall to your ankles as I slowly bend down and have you lift each foot as I remove your shoes, sox and pants. You are standing there naked except for your boxer briefs and you look down and into my eyes.

Now, go back to work and stay busy ok? Just thought I would throw a bit of a fantasy your way to start off your mid morning love, lol  mwaaahhhhhhhhh

Direction Positive

I have been going through quite a few mental changes and how I view people and the world. These changes are subtle but definitive and they are reshaping my views and fears. I am ready to step forward into a healthy relationship and I have wiped the slate completely clean so we can start fresh.

It’s like I have met someone for the first time when in fact I have known him four years. I want to meet him and talk to him and I want to know what I feel for this person. I love him, yes but in a different way then I have loved anyone else-it’s hard to describe but I know I can be silly with him.

I also know I can be myself with him and that is hard to come by because I do not feel totally comfortable with anyone. I have always kept a shield up but with him I feel safe enough to let it down. He is finally letting a bit of his guard down as well and this is good for both of us.

I do not want to change a single thing in his life, not where he lives, the time he spends with his kids or family, the way he sleeps. The sleeping part is a lie because I want him to get into a better sleeping pattern for his health. He is going to make a gigantic change in his own life soon enough.

I am here for him and I am starting to believe he is here for me but I am going to continue to see “C” until I know there is a connection with us. I won’t have sex with “C” but I will continue to want him to kiss me and hold my naked body next to his. It is an odd relationship we have because he hasn’t tried to push the sex button.


Where Is The Romance

Why is it people are so romantic until they get you then some of them stop being romantic? Forget the candy, flowers, nice gifts as that has all gone out the window. The homemade dinners stop, but you didn’t know they weren’t homemade to begin with, lol.

Yes there are women that cannot cook, never could cook and never will. They run to the local deli or grocery, buy the pre made and put it in bowls like they made it. It’s called to impress but does it really? Why play games and lie? Why not just be yourself and call it a day?

Romance is something I thrive on, the nice dinners are made from scratch, the bath is already waiting for him and a glass of wine is perfect temperature to enjoy the bouquet. Men like to be romanced as well as women but sometimes women think they are the only ones that should be romanced.

Relationships are hard enough without being stupid and trying to pretend you are someone you will never be. What impresses most people? Honesty does and if you can’t cook, all I can say is you need to learn.

Romancing a man includes nice lingerie, good music and lots of talking dirty. Men love to be talked dirty to in the bedroom, kitchen or even garage. You talk dirty to a man and he gets so turned on, so remember romance isn’t just for the women.