The Hammock

About six years ago I had a hammock put in to hold up my bladder because every time I sneezed I peed or peed when I coughed. This is quite common among women who have children. Well, the problem is back again and has been for quite some time now. It is very uncomfortable as I get up about six times a night to pee and I havent felt good so Im sleeping on and off all day.

I’m having surgery on my shoulder in two days and then Im going back to see the dr. that put the hammock in, evidently there is a problem with the hammocks and additional surgery is required. There is nothing worse than constantly peeing yourself or not being able to make it to the bathroom and so you partially piss yourself.

My daughter has been laughing at me because she thinks its funny that i bought my own sweats for xmas, wrapped them up and she opened them. I didn’t want Ryan to feel bad that he didn’t get me anything but he didn’t care he feels so shitty and is in so much pain. Shelby told me Im the funniest person she knows, lol and she is so funny herself so I guess daughter like mother.

She bought me a kitchenaid which is expensive for a girl who isn’t working and its so considerate of her because she knows how bad I needed a new one. Ryan got pissed because he says I didn’t make any food that he could eat but that isn’t true he is just so damn picky so o well for him. He wants everyone to put him first but he wouldn’t put me first if I were dying.