Don’t Believe

How do we let ourselves fall in love with someone we have never met and all the conversations are either on computer or phone. Why would someone scam me and then keep following me even though they get no more money from me?

It’s been like four years and he reads every post and contacts me on my fb under so many different names. He knows I know who he really is so why isn’t he smart and just move on? He has never had a single plan of meeting me so what gives?

He has never had a real relationship in his life I do not think he is capable of one even though he was married. I sure would like to talk to that milk man because not a single one of his kids look like him and his profession kept him on the road a lot.

I think he feels safe with me and he has come to rely on me to be there for him when he is bored and lonely, which is every day. If he loved me you would think he would want to make me happy by leaving my life but he is selfish and thinks only of himself.

I also think because of who he is people kiss his ass and blow smoke up it as well. I tell it like it is and I do not think he is used to a confident, self assured (most of the time) independent female that doesn’t want him.

It really is sad to have it all financially yet you do not know who is real in your life or who is using you and how many women are with you because of your name. I think living life that way is worse than any heart break.

He lost me and doesn’t care and neither do I because I have finally met a real man who cares for me and treats me fantastic. We still have the no presents issue that he keeps ignoring and I keep putting the gifts back in his car.

A real woman doesn’t need presents or fancy evenings, a real woman enjoys snuggling by the fireplace and just enjoying his company, but how many real woman are out there? Men love a confidant woman especially one that won’t take their crap and I am not taking any of his.

The Failure Dater

I have dubbed myself the failure dater because I am sadly failing at something that should be so easy to master. Dating requires being so many different things and tolerant is one of them. I have very little tolerance for bullshit and I have no tolerance for anyone that has a problem with my kids.

This is exactly why letting my kids meet anyone I may be dating is something that I do not entertain. I have got to have some sort of solid relationship with the guy before he meets my kids. A man who has problems with my kids can damn well bet he is going to have problems with me slamming the door in his face.

There is no man worth disrupting my family for and I do know that if I am happy my kids will be happy for me. That doesn’t mean that you get to come to dinner anytime soon, so live with it or don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya. Don’t think you can undo stupid remarks either because you can’t.

I see to many women go for a man and throw their kids to the wayside and that pisses me off. No woman should be so desperate for a man who their kids come second and same with men raising their kids. Have enough respect for your children as well as yourself not to disrupt what you have spent a lifetime building.

I’m sitting here watching some stupid crap my son likes to watch and my daughter is already in bed. It’s nice to have both kids at home and it is comforting for me. I know they are both safe and it feels right as this is my family, just the three of us but we have more love than you could ever imagine.

The Stretch

All of us want someone special in our lives and I have taken the stretch and joined a dating site that finds the “perfect one” for me. I am tired of being alone and having no one to share special moments with, someone to play with and someone to be romantic and sensual with.

I have waited for over three years to meet this special person that has been in my life and I have accepted that we will never meet no matter what he says. He likes to read erotic stories and he likes porn and pics of naked women, which I am sure he is getting quite a few pics.

Waiting for something that will never happen is wasting my life as we will never be together so I am trying to find someone who will fill the void in my life. I hope it happens soon because winter is so cold without someone to warm you up. It will be fun to play in the snow and be silly.

It’s sad when someone leads you on for their own private pleasure without thinking about you. I feel that I am nothing more than mild amusement to ease his boring life. He knows how I am and the type of person I am and that isn’t good enough for him so I am going to roll on down the road and let others find the one for me.

I am a unique person in many ways and I am old school 100%, I believe in cooking at home and taking care of my man, I like to make people smile and help people, I am a giver not a taker and I love animals. I am intelligent and do not want someone to support me, I just want someone to enjoy life with.

Before The Rain

I talked to him today, his voice is so soothing and calming. He says he loves me and he sounds sincere but I do not know if he means it. Why would two people who have never met keep in contact with each via phone? What is the point of staying in contact?

As long as I have feelings for him I can never meet anyone else even though I am trying. I have joined several dating sites and the one thing I cannot understand is why are all the men posting penis pictures instead of face pics? I mean you seen one head you’ve basically seen them all.

Personally, the size is important and must fulfill the needs of the female but it’s not that important so why post your penis guys? This dating online is nothing but entertainment as you cannot take any of these guys serious and the scammers have already began to hit on me.

Most do not even read your profile, I like tall men at least 6 ft. tall and who contacts me? A guy 5’7″ wtf? He was really kinky too, wanted me to degrade him as that made him feel good. He wants a dominant woman which I am but this guy was out there, I mean really out there, short and unattractive to me.

He needs to look for a s&m woman, he really likes to be hurt and I can’t be hurting people but some people cannot get off unless they are abused. I don’t understand why and have no interest in understanding why but I will have no part in it as it’s just to out there for me.

I guess it’s just not meant to be for me to meet someone but I will keep trying and see what happens. My life is so dull I doubt anyone would really want to be part of it. Actually my life isn’t dull, there’s just always something bad happening and this trend has got to stop.

Dating Sites

I have forgotten how stupid men are on the dating sites. They post pics of their member like that is suppose to impress me? It doesn’t in the least because I am a tongue fan always have been always will be. Men need to show their faces and say something good about themselves other than “Hi I’m john and I have ten hot inches waiting for you”.

Every dating site revolves around sex except the religious sites and frankly I am to naughty to even think about corrupting some God fearing male. I just wish dating were easier but it’s just like a job and takes so much damn time it is already old and I haven’t really begun yet.

Just To Much

Ok,  I join some dating sites, I’m picky because these guys are something else. I am only five ft. six inches and I like tall men. This cheap ass who doesn’t want to pay the membership fee sends me this email and here is profile:

Strong type A profession, well-educated, and very fit and in shape.

Looking for 1 woman to be my partner in crime. Looking for great conversation, quality time together on an ongoing basis. I am an avid reader, runner, love working out, fine dining and taking you shopping. You will not be disappointed.

Would you like to be pampered, pleased, I am into the teasing and erotic. I want you to push my limits, I am a pleaser and will please you to no end. I can be you light at the end of the tunnel.

Are you into taking charge or having someone take charge for you? Would you like to have total control over me? tease and deny me?

Do you like to role play or have your limits pushed or push someone else;s lets explore your mind and body.

I will be your teacher or your pet for your use or abuse, I will show you ways to enjoy your body that you thought were not possible.

Must be a discrete relationship, no I am not married

thank you

What I’m Looking For
looking for a woman for an erotic ongoing relationship, I am into body worship and power exchange. I am looking for a woman to serve or be served both mentally and physically.

Sorry but I had to laugh as soon as I read it, he’s probably bald as well, I know I’m a terrible person. RONFLMAO

My Fish

Well, I do believe I have caught the eye of my first scammer, how boring as the games do not keep me entertained.

No doubt it is my stalker and if it isn’t well he finally has competition. The scamming game is so routine, same shit different day. I already know how this is going to go so I deleted him from my yahoo and blocking him on the dating site. 

I will meet the right person in the right day and time and I am not in any hurry and just let life happen as it should. The profiles without pics are usually a real let down when you get the pic and that makes me feel bad because I do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings. When I am attracted, it’s instant and consuming, that has yet to happen.

Good To Me

So far the dating sites have been good to me, one scammer and one punk. The rest are a typical horn dogs that all want to get laid, accept one. He is latino and hot, hot, hot, let me tell you what a gentleman.

He is exactly what I have been  looking for and I do believe this will be fun for a change. He he a good match for me as well as I get along very well with libra’s and I am a scorpio. Do I expect it to go anywhere, of course not but for now it’s fun.

He wants to chat on yahoo so that’s a good sign, he hasn’t talk any sex crap which I like and he is so damn good looking I cannot believe he has even looked at me. There are still men out there that like women regardless if they aren’t thin.

This gives me hope because most men want thin and young, but us older women have so much more to offer. All men see is a tight ass and fake boobs and they have an instant erection.

It’s a shame that I will never meet my “jet setter” man but that is the way the cookie crumbles. I really had myself fooled into believing we had something but I have awakened and see that there is nothing put one of my pipe dreams, going nowhere fast.



As most of you know I have a stalker and he is up to his old tricks again screwing with my computer. He is quite intelligent but I prefer not to discuss him. I have learned the only way for me to get any peace is to ignore him. People hate being ignored but it’s the only thing I have left.

He feels he has the power to control me but he does not, no one does and never will. I am enjoying the action I am getting on the dating sites and I am quite surprised that I have so many men interested in me. It has blind sided me because I really didn’t expect to get any action, until the scammers found me of course.

It’s a beautiful fall day with the sun shining in the windows and I am feeling pretty damn good today for a change. I have a friend coming over saturday to put up the doors for me and do some other work. We actually went out in high school and he is a gem, a real nice guy but married.

I have no interest in being part of the break up of any marriage and will not be a lean-to for someone who doesn’t have the balls to leave without having a woman in the wings. I don’t play that way and never will as cheating is just so, so fucked up, for me at least. What others do is up to them not me to judge them.

I have been asked out by one guy I met on a dating site but I am leery about meeting people, it’s to soon for me as I do not know enough about him. Some of these guys think they are going to get a piece the first time out of the barn, but they are sadly mistaken because I do not put out for a while.

So Quickly

I just put my profile up on several sites this afternoon and I already have several fish on the hook! I honestly didn’t expect to get responses this quickly but it’s fun. I don’t find myself to attractive but I am sexy and sensual and that I am sure of, even if you think otherwise.

You have to have confidence in yourself and feel good about yourself no matter what your body size is. My beauty is inside and I am a beautiful person and so are you. I will not let anyone tear me down and make me feel less than I am. I have had to fight my way the last six years and I’m pretty stable finally.

I really need a distraction and I really do not want to hear his voice, just do me and go-sometimes it’s best that way but men, they always want to hang around. They don’t get the hint you just want to fuck them and push them out the door. That’s exactly how I feel about men at this point in my life.

Satisfy me and go because I am so sick of the insecure, have to control relationship types and I do not have the time to waste with their blubbering and wailing like a child when I tell them goodbye. I cannot see myself in a long term relationship for someone, quite sometime to be exact.

I’m sick of talking to stupid men and men trying to rip me off. I had one guy write me a quote to lay some carpeting, this asswipe wants $17.00 an hr but didn’t put how many hours it was going to take him. Daaahhhhh, like I’m a stupid cunt right? This shit pisses me off because it insults my intelligence.