I Miss

I miss my grandparents and living with them as a kid, I remember my grandmother putting coke bottles on the porch and it was so cold the pop froze and broke the bottle. I miss the chickens clucking and the rooster attacking my sister, lol – I miss the cows mooing for their breakfast and I miss the smell of the pigs.

I miss the smell of frying pork chops for breakfast and I miss the large vats of tea, the fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, cornbread, fried apples, sausages, eggs and all the pies my grandmother used to make. Have you noticed no one cooks like your mom? No one could cook or bake like my grandma’s.

I miss such a simple life, life was so easy then and when I got mad at my grandmother I would scribble on paper and put it in the mail box as the pages were to be letters sent to my mother. Of course after a while the mailman got pissed and told my grandmother and of course she scolded me, probably beat my ass with a switch.

I miss the special trips to the candy store and the peach vendor stopping my so my grandmother could by like 20 containers of peaches. I miss sitting in front of the washer and dryer waiting for my “gutty” to get washed and dried. My “gutty” was my security blanket and I noticed my kids never needed anything to make them feel secure.

Kids that have security blankets or toys are very insecure do to parental separation or one of the parents is gone a lot. I was so glad to see that I hadn’t raised insecure kids, at least I did something right. My kids will thank me one day for raising them the way I did and yes I made a lot of errors but I did a lot right as well.