I am fascinated by astrology and have been for over thirty years. I do not live my life day by day but I do pay attention to Mercury retrograde as mercury has to do with mental and communication. All types of communication is affected at that time as well as buying anything electrical or electronics.

Cars always break down at that time as well and you never want to sign a contract at that time either. Yes, I know you think I am nuts but aren’t you the one reading your horoscope in the paper? It’s ok, a lot of people think I am esoteric and no I am not being conceited, for some reason I am different I guess.

My friends tell me I am different, unique and the funny thing is they can’t put into words what exactly that they mean. They cannot describe me without laughing so I really don’t know how to take that reaction. I’m an “off the cuff” type person, I have been known to do and say things that knock people’s sox off.

Well, it looks like it’s going to be a hell of a next three years as Saturn is moving into the sign of scorpio, which is my sign. Saturn is a teaching planet and you learn a hell of a lot and it look like 2015 will finally be my year. Damn, if I believe that life is going to basically suck until then.

The one thing I did like is it said whatever I start will do very well and if I were to marry that would last as well. No, I am not going to get married unless