B.S. Blogger

You can always tell when you are dealing with a b.s. blogger, someone who posts nothing but lies and act like they are british and live right here in Texas. Some bloggers are just full of crap and write for some twisted reason. Frankly, I don’t care about your ugly ass kitchen you just redid.

I do not care about your fake relationships and if they are real the two of you are a perfect match. I cannot stand reading blogs from fake people with fake stories and I think they are a bit touched to begin with. If you are a b.s. blogger get a fucking life and take your b.s. posts and cram them.

The Winner Is……..

Today is election day and I can say that throwing both men in the air and see who lands first is the basic consensus of most of the population from what I have gathered. Politicians, o yes the great politician is a proverbial liar no matter who is running. I have no respect for either candidate and think they are both dweebs.

Trying to separate the truth from the lies is nothing easily done and Romney, well he is on the left and Obama is on the right so where does that leave me? In the middle of course because I do not care for either candidate and have no faith in either person because of their records.


I have been asked for weeks how I was going to vote and I vote the same way every year, I don’t vote left and I don’t vote right I vote to make a statement and nothing more. We have the dweeb that changes his stand on issues when it suits him and then we have Mr. promise who doesn’t keep any of them.

So whip me, beat me and make me pass bad checks, I will not be voting the way so many want me to vote so kiss my big one and vote the way you feel and do not let anyone tell you how to cast your vote. It is your right to exercise your voting rights, so get out and do it.

Not that you can expect world peace or the budget to be balanced but you can say you did vote and that is the important part of this entire gig. Frankly, I cannot remember a time when the people’s vote had anything to do with the election but make people think they really have a say.

Now don’t a wild hair up your giggy, this is just an unsolicited commentary from a retired steelmill worker and nothing more. I am not looking for arguments on how you feel or how I should have voted. Would of, should of, could of is all you here six months after an election anyway.


I like history and I like watching about history on tv. I am fascinated with Hitler, yes I realize what he did and that is what I find so fascinating. How can one man get a nation to believe every word he says? How did he do that? Where times so bad that he was the only hope so the people thought?

His testing on twins and the deformed was unbelievably cruel and being so devious he had gas chambers built for human extermination. Did people follow his direction out of fear? Committment to his cause? I never seem to be able to watch a complete show on the Nazi era but I do find it so very interesting from a psychological point.

I enjoy watching and studying people and I find it funny that my stalker can’t seem to figure me out, like I am a puzzle. I am simple to understand, it’s when you try to understand me to hard is when you get screwed up. I am straight forward and honest I want him but I am so lonely that I will settle for less just for comfort. 

I know I should wait for when we can meet because we will meet eventually or should I try to fill the void in my life and do what is best for me. Of course I am going to try to fill the void but honestly, I do not see that happening. When I commit to something or someone I do not turn my back and walk away. I never seem to want to give up, that is the fool in me.