Roll Playing

Roll playing can be so much fun and exciting if you let it and there are an uncountable amount of ways to do it. People get bored with each other and if you want to keep the eyes and body from straying spice up your life. You can do something as simple as acting like you don’t know each other and act like a pick up.

You can dress up at home and play out all kinds of different role-playing but most people don’t roll play because they are not comfortable with themselves or their bodies. I don’t care if you are stick thin, have an awesome body or like me a bbw, it’s all in the state of mind you are in.

Sex can make or break a relationship as most of you know and if you keep your mate enticed and excited you won’t have to worry about the straying. It all depends on how much your relationship means to you, do you want to be the one to wake up and your mate is gone because of lack of a good sex life or do you want to wake up with a smile on your face?

Film yourself and make a home video that is just for the two of you to share or do some cam sex with your significant other, mix it up keep your life saucy and exciting. Don’t be shy or afraid that you will not be accepted because believe it or not men love when their women are a bit kinky and exciting.