What I Want

I want a simple life with a ranch home with a lot of open  land, some horses, chickens, a garden and a huge professional kitchen. I will eventually have my dream when I sell this huge house when Ry graduates. I want to share my life with the one I love and make his world so happy.

I want to take care of him, make him laugh, be the thought that makes him smile and be the one he always dreams of. Is that possible, I have no idea but a simple life with him is all I need to make my world happy and complete. I do not know if he could even live that way or not as he like the best of everything.

I want him to love me back, kiss me passionately and make wild passionate love to me, I want to share the shower with him and go to sleep with his arms around me. I want to wake up with my hand on his chest and just smile at him as he sleeps. I want to serve him breakfast in bed and lick syrup off his chest.