B.S. Blogger

You can always tell when you are dealing with a b.s. blogger, someone who posts nothing but lies and act like they are british and live right here in Texas. Some bloggers are just full of crap and write for some twisted reason. Frankly, I don’t care about your ugly ass kitchen you just redid.

I do not care about your fake relationships and if they are real the two of you are a perfect match. I cannot stand reading blogs from fake people with fake stories and I think they are a bit touched to begin with. If you are a b.s. blogger get a fucking life and take your b.s. posts and cram them.

Dangers Of Nudity

I confess I love being naked, I walk around naked all the time,unless the kids are home. I have discovered several dangers that can cause you much pain.

  1. Never fry bacon naked without a lid to protect your boobs from the splattering grease
  2. Never work on your vacuum with it plugged in, those brushes hurt like hell
  3. Don’t eat hot food when naked, I tend to miss my mouth burn the shit out of my boobs
  4. Don’t answer the door naked, the kids think it’s Halloween and run for their lives
  5. Do not accept packages from UPS the driver tends to fall down the steps as he is leaving
  6. Don’t play with your kitten that isn’t declawed-O DAMN

I can tell you first hand that bacon splatter is a mother fcker, stay away from wringer washer to, instant mammogram-