My Sexual Side Astrologically

Scorpio (October 24-November 22)

According to common wisdom, Scorpio is the sexiest sign around. Even when standing in the cat food aisle at the grocery store, trying to decide between Tuna Tenders and Liver Surprise, Scorpio exudes a mysterious, dark charisma. You can be sure that sex in never far from their minds; common wisdom is absolutely correct in this: Scorpio is practically obsessed. Pluto, the planet that rules Scorpio, is powerful and difficult to predict. A strong Pluto often indicates several fundamental realignments of the core self, and a Scorpio at 45 may be an entirely different sexual creature than he was at 25. With even the slightest hint of sexualizing aspects (such as an aspect of Pluto to Mars or the eighth house) at least some of this self-regeneration will take place in the bedroom … or the basement dungeon. Self-renewal requires a confrontation with the hidden aspects of human nature; therefore, Scorpio sexuality often includes elements of the “unacceptable.” Power games are foremost. The most persistently successful master or dominatrix will have the Scorpio/Pluto touch. Other signs may give a strong will to power, but Scorpio gives the intuitive insight and the desire to carry it through — this is a lover who can find and exploit every secret hot spot, whether on your body or in your subconscious. We’re not talking about Bondage Lite, either. Whips, gags, genital torture devices, fully equipped dungeons … you name it, Scorpio is willing to use it if necessary. There’s a penetrative aspect to Scorpio, whether male or female, and both sexes tend to enjoy anal sex; if your sweet, mysterious Scorpio lady doesn’t already have a strap-on hidden somewhere in the house, just give her time.

Sagittarius (November 23-December 22)

Sagittarius is represented by the Centaur, half-human, half-horse. Ever visit a stud farm during breeding season? Equines who are otherwise decent-enough working animals are insane with the urge to breed; the only thing standing between the animals’ urges and utter rutting chaos is the intervention of human handlers. It’s lucky for the rest of us, then, that Sagittarius has its human handler built in — if they’ll stoop to obeying him or her, that is. The sex drive is strong, impulsive, and somewhat conquest-oriented, and some Centaurs end up with more notches on their bedposts than Virgo has little pills. Sagittarius has the ability to easily separate sex from emotion. Security and intimacy are important to Sagittarius, but are not necessarily linked to their fiery physical drives. Spontaneous sexual adventures and one-night stands are usually guilt-free; Sagittarians hate restrictions of all kinds, and the occasional bout of unrestrained sexual freedom can be deeply satisfying in a way that other signs might not readily understand. Sagittarians also make fantastic sex workers, especially if the job calls for live action on demand. They’re not necessarily the show-offs of the sex industry, but practicality and physical vigor more than make up for any lack of showmanship. This is a mutable sign, and its ruler Jupiter lends a cavalier streak — Sagittarius will try anything once. They’re not fond of labels (labels equal limits) but will sometimes compromise outwardly in order to maintain security at home. Hence, you find a large number of naturally pansexual Sagittarians maintaining the appearance of a monosexual relationship, while dallying elsewhere with members of both sexes. They’re also attracted to the idea of open relationships, but, like their opposing sign Gemini, sometimes find even open agreements tough to keep; restrictions are restrictions, after all, no matter how generous!

Pisces (February 20-March 20)

Pisces is the most mutable of the mutable signs. Those influenced by this sign are born actors; they can be anything, to anyone, at any time. They can play the top, the bottom, the middle, the outside; one of a twosome, threesome, or fourteensome; the exhibitionist or the voyeur; the boy, the girl, both, or neither — in fact, if you can imagine it, Pisces can do it, and probably has. But … why? The key is that Pisceans derive satisfaction almost solely from giving their partners pleasure. So, you have a Piscean friend who’s suddenly gone from impeccably-clad, black-tie dominatrix to wispy, giggling, pastel ditz? She’s changed lovers. Her entire persona will draw itself subtly around the new partner’s tastes; she’ll morph into the girl of his or her dreams, with very few compunctions or self-doubts. It’s quite natural and it’s almost subconscious. They’re good at it, too. Pisces influences (particularly the Sun, the Ascendant, or Venus) give a kind of intuition that other folks call “psychic.” When a Fish tunes into their lover’s unspoken sexual wavelengths, the result is nothing short of fantasy fulfillment; they take great pride in their ability to extract and enact even the most carefully hidden desires. Most are fundamentally bisexual, and both sexes often remain attractively gender-fluid. One of the few things that tend to remain constant include an enjoyment of heightened sensation; many Pisceans like a little pain with their pleasure, as well as long, drawn-out teasing sessions or sensual play. The Piscean sex drive is very instinctive and often cyclical. When they’re in heat (with Pisces, this is a completely apt description) everyone within a hundred miles knows it; they radiate a kind of deep sexuality that is similar to Scorpio’s yet slightly more dispersed. Small mobs of admirers accumulate overnight, like alley cats when a housebound Persian is feeling frisky.



I am fascinated by astrology and have been for over thirty years. I do not live my life day by day but I do pay attention to Mercury retrograde as mercury has to do with mental and communication. All types of communication is affected at that time as well as buying anything electrical or electronics.

Cars always break down at that time as well and you never want to sign a contract at that time either. Yes, I know you think I am nuts but aren’t you the one reading your horoscope in the paper? It’s ok, a lot of people think I am esoteric and no I am not being conceited, for some reason I am different I guess.

My friends tell me I am different, unique and the funny thing is they can’t put into words what exactly that they mean. They cannot describe me without laughing so I really don’t know how to take that reaction. I’m an “off the cuff” type person, I have been known to do and say things that knock people’s sox off.

Well, it looks like it’s going to be a hell of a next three years as Saturn is moving into the sign of scorpio, which is my sign. Saturn is a teaching planet and you learn a hell of a lot and it look like 2015 will finally be my year. Damn, if I believe that life is going to basically suck until then.

The one thing I did like is it said whatever I start will do very well and if I were to marry that would last as well. No, I am not going to get married unless

Here I am World

It’s time to let go of the past and move forward, I am letting the world know that I am a widow with two teenagers, neither with me at this time and I am available to date. Yes, I’m putting it out there because the town I live in has very few and I mean few as in maybe 2 men that have a college education.

Even the police are morons, so you see I am looking for someone that is intelligent, tall, handsome, self made or seriously self motivated, open to all new adventures, interests, computers, travel, cooking, camping, reading, intelligent conversations, free spirit, open minded.

I am independent, out spoken, honest, straight forward, animal lover, photographer LOL, great cook and baker, love romance, very sensual and sexual, funny, a jack of all trades master of none.

I retired from a steel mill as an electrician and have wired my basement. I can fix most things myself and rely on myself. I am 53 to be 54 in November and a Scorpio. I am a bbw on the small side and  extremely emotional and empathetic, giving and help so many and they screw me over most of the time.

I have buried my entire family in the last six years and I take meds for bipolar, which is under control and I have no problems with it. I have dealt with more pain than anyone should and I am still standing.

So if interested and real, send me your stats-Kimberly

The Scorpio Sag Pisces Me And The Aquarius New Man







Knowing your rising sign is as important as your sun sign and your moon sign rules your emotions, I have a pisces moon which is very emotional, psychic, empathetic

Scorpio and Pisces are water signs and that makes me very emotional and Sagittarius is a very spiritual sign, so I am very sensual (scorpio), loving (sagittarius) and emotional (pisces)